UK PS3 Chart: LittleBigPlanet 2 outperforms Mass Effect 2

On this week's PS3 chart - LBP2 takes the the 1st spot, Mass Effect 2 takes 2nd and Gran Turismo 5 takes 3rd.

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Marquis_de_Sade3732d ago

Cool, I expected this to be the case, I'm sure a lot of PS3 owners who wanted to play ME2 had already done so in either 360 or PC.

worldgames3732d ago

It amazes me that these chart results surprise people. You can get me2 on pc or xbox for like $20 im not paying $60 for it, specially when lbp2 is released same week.

Marquis_de_Sade3732d ago

Some people will pretend to be surprised and treat it as a "major" win for Sony. This is doing a disservice to both Media Molecule and Sony, beating a year old game in the charts? Well done.

the_best_player3732d ago

Because Little Big Planet 2 is the better game out of the 2 :)

MysticStrummer3732d ago

@Marquis_de_Sade - I can't speak for the_best_player, but I can give my definition of what makes a better game. Gameplay. This is based entirely on my time with the ME2 demo, so maybe the full game deserves the praise it gets, but I'd take the gameplay of LBP2 (which I own) over ME2 any time. The first part of the ME2 demo was very cool. Sheppard being blown out of the ship and struggling to breathe was one of the coolest things I've seen in a game. Then the second part of the demo began. The shooting gameplay is some of the most generic I've ever seen of it's kind. It totally removed the desire I felt to play the game at launch. Again, this is all just based on the demo, but it made me think that 360 fans shouldn't downplay MGS4 for being only a movie if they like ME2.

supremacy3732d ago

Excellent, just what I wanted to see.

Now if DC universe can join that party everything will be nicer.

And no pun intended but this is what happens when you have a line up like the ps3 has this year, sooner or later the flood gates will open.

hesido3732d ago

It would be news it was the other case.

saimcheeda3732d ago

GT 5 Still being there at 3 just shows the power of the series!

bunfighterii3732d ago

There hasn't really been any serious competition to GT5 lately. it's hah the last couple months to itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.