Where do people get gamesaves?

360 Gamesaves is the site that most people get there saves from. There are hundreds of saves, 17,000 posts, and over 10,000 members. The saves are organized, and easy to use. There are helpful tutorials for people who don't know anything about gamesaves or computers for that matter.

They offer programs like Xplorer360, which allows users to back up their gamerprofile, and transfer saves. I can promise you that this is one of the best online communities, and you can get help from any of the members or the brilliant administrator.

What are you waiting for? Check it out today!

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signal3605380d ago

nothing cool about this post. until the gamerscore problem is fixed, this only helps promote cheating.

dezkay5380d ago

"what are you waiting for? check it out today!"

ffs this just increases the amount of people cheating with game saves. mdogcamel you are an absolute ******

Lucidmantra5380d ago

actually I use a savegame site. I found them for the rosters for NCAA 07... and I also downloaded a few other saves for games I will never finish like TIger Woods. Then if you know me go look at my gamertag. It doesn't promote cheating. I don't understand how people get on a high horse about gamerscore. Mine is 100% mine and I have done it all myself. But you know what, if I want to use a save game I don't give a d4mn what you think about it, and I never will. As for cheating, yeah I have used binary modification and other stuff on other games in the past, does it make me a cheater, maybe to you. But to me I do it to for enjoyment. Save game trade websites are not the end of the world. You are just to ignorant to understand if people want to use save games they will, and besides of all the people in the n4gamer 360 clan my gamerscore if in the top 10 and I don't even come close to being an elite gamer... That is why i am in the recreational zone. I play for recreation not because I really want to be though of as an uber gamer. I played MMO's for 8 years and I was an uber gamer there putting sometimes over 80 hours a week into SWG, EVE, and AC2. Doesn't make me any cooler, because it is all artificial crap anyways, Id rather hive nice crap in my real house than put massive hours into grinding gold and XP in a GAME to have a mansion filled with rare items... and I do have that in SWG and EQ2, and AC1 many times over. But it isnt my bag anymore.