New Homefront screenshots and artwork plus video for Xbox 360 exclusive map

XMNR: THQ's Homefront is heavy on the dystopian near futre of a bankrupt and disorganized United States being invaded by a now united Korea. While the premise seems outlandish, Kaos Studios is taking the lessons learned from Frontlines: Fuel of War and adapting them to the multiplayer portion of the title and we've got the latest screenshots and concept art plus an Inside Xbox video for the Xbox 360 exclusive map, "Suburbs".

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Kran3736d ago

Im still gonna get Dragon Age II in march in stead of this, but as soon as I get spare money, Im getting this :)

Headquarters113736d ago

I feel sorry for whoever spends money on this game.

Bnet3433736d ago

Looks just like COD. I'll try out the demo but thats it.

FrankMcSpank3736d ago

This is not on my list of Multiplats at all. Th gameplay triler looked good, but I am getting tired of so many shooters. So I am getting Killzone 3 only for a FPS, and renting Bulletstorm and maybe Crysis 2. March has MotorStorm: Apoc, Sorcery, and Dragon's Age II and more. I just do not have enough drive to get this.

ChristianGamer3736d ago

PS3 and PSP make THQ the least amount of money this gen so it really is no wonder 360 is getting some Homefront love

R_aVe_N3736d ago

I think that is because 90% of there games are just horrible. I think Saints Row was the only decent game they have put out in a long time. This is the only game I have seen out of them that has any promise at all.

Convas3736d ago

Speaking of Saints Row ... who looking out for Saints Row 3? It'll be a great open-world fix till GTA5's inevitable announcement.

Queasy3736d ago

I couldn't get into Saint's Row 1 or 2 for some reason. The over the top play was fun but it just didn't hold me.

m233736d ago

Saints Row 1 was awesome but for some reason part 2 didn't do it for me. I didn't even finish the game, but it had a lot of content and flying planes and jumping out was awesome.

jetlian3736d ago

UFC games, red faction, and darksiders

R_aVe_N3735d ago

@jetlian I did not care for any of those series to be honest. I could live without them that is for sure.

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blumatt3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Ya know I don't have a problem with MS buying up exclusive dlc for games(cause Sony does it too) but I think what bothers me more than anything is that they buy up exclusive dlc INSTEAD of giving us more exclusive games. Sony gives us exclusive games AND exclusive dlc and most of the time it STAYS exclusive not just timed exclusive.

On topic this game has my interest piqued! The story reminds me of the PS2 game Freedom Fighters, one of my favorite games of last gen. Wish I could play it again. :(

Edit: Oh the disagrees come now. Which part of what I said isn't true? LoL

Folezicle3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

People might not be disagreeing over what is true, and what is false.. It would be more about you bringing up the topic of which console is better

blumatt3735d ago

I just feel it's a valid point to make in regard to the topic. I even pointed out that the ps3 gets exclusive content as well. It's the fact that Sony doesn't RELY on exclusive dlc as a selling point for it's console. I hear MS fans all the time saying, "yeah...but we get exclusive dlc" (of course much of the time it's only timed-exclusive but still). MS people actually resort to bragging about exclusive dlc INSTEAD of exclusive games. That's why I brought the topic up; it was pertinent to the discussion.

EliteDave933736d ago

I dunno what the fuck THQ are doing! They said in 2010 that they were going to show a trailer of Saints row 3 at E3 2010 and they didnt and then they said VGAs 2010 and they didnt so whats up?

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