Valve: PS3 hacks 'won't have any impact at all'

Portal 2 developer Valve isn't worried at all about the implications of the latest, supposedly irreversible PS3 hacks.

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Quagmire3736d ago

Valve, shrugging it off like a boss.

Jezuz3736d ago

cause valve's cool like that

imvix3736d ago

Well the reason why People buy Valve games on PC, is because Valve has treated their customers well.

Had Valve followed the current industry trend where:

Gamers get shafted for DLCs before even the game is launched
No mods
Milking of games

I am sure they would have had to worry about Piracy.

Jezuz3736d ago

..why am i getting disagrees? :(

iamnsuperman3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

why would they be worried. Now every console has been hacked badly and the PC market is full of mods and hacking. If they were worried they would have been worried a long time ago. But the PS3 hack changes nothing

tdrules3736d ago

or the fact Steam is a lot more water tight than PSN in terms of hacks

RankFTW3736d ago

You can easily hack Steam and download every game for free, not that I approve of that though.

tdrules3736d ago


you can't hack VAC

Corrwin3736d ago

I think Valve know a thing or two about piracy - it's why they created Steam to begin with.

rjgbyrne3736d ago

For sure, Steam might end up being the saving grace for Sony this year too. Lets hope Portal 2 proves a great testing ground for anti-piracy.

rjgbyrne3733d ago

Cheers, my nic-name is Chewah as I have an excess bit of skin on one of my ears (a bit like Spock) and it stuck, but I am also a Star wars Fan(Geek, ha!). When I was 7 my Irish mother and aunt fancied Spock and used to have my hair cut the same way with the pointy locks, I hated it but they would say isn't he gorgeous, ha ha! Childhood torments eh!?!

DanteKnightsTemplar3736d ago

Valve > Activision and Treyarch

Dark_Overlord3736d ago

Big Rigs > Activision games :D

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The story is too old to be commented.