EA and Crytek: Crysis 2 features "unparalleled gameplay variety"

According to a statement from Electronic Arts and Crytek, upcoming shooter Crysis 2 features “unparalleled gameplay variety” – something that will be evidenced in a multiplayer demo released on XBLA tomorrow.

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chak_3736d ago

Stop the PR talk and give us a demo so we can judge on piece !

Oh wait, xbox only.

You lost a customer there.

chak_3736d ago

No, theirs.

It's not like I've nothing to play. If crytek (I bought FC, crysis and crysis WH by the way) doesn't feel like PC or PS3 gamers have to taste their game then so be it.

I'm not hyped at all for Crysis 2, and I really don't think it'll be worth crysis 1, so no demo, no buy.

If crysis had to persuade some, it was PC gamers.

They need gamer's money, we don't need their game.

Substance1013736d ago

So many games out on PC and with the last Steam sales most PC gamers have so many games on backlog they really dont care.

Personally have about 10-15 games on backlog after the last Steam discounts. I wont be purchasing Crysis 2 or any of EAs games until they are on discount, 60usd per game is overkill imo.

Also with PC gamers, they usually have a large library to chose from. I currently keep jumping between:

Teamfortress 2
Left4dead 2
Warcraft 3
Company of heroes (finishing the campaign)
Dirt 2 (finishing the campaign)

Hence with the vast library on PC today we really dont care.

SJPFTW3736d ago

the game is 2 months away, we are not even sure if there is going to be a multiplayer demo for PS3 or PC coming out at a later date before then. this sense of entitlement is a joke, crytek owes no one anything. and its not like whining on N4G will do anything except look like a big cry baby.

but then again im a PS3 gamer and i will be occupied with killzone 3 beta coming out next week. maybe if PC gamers stop pirating games maybe they dont have to deal with once PC exclusive developers abandoning them

Substance1013736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )


Its not like Crysis 1 didnt sell well. It sold 3million units as of may 2010(its probably closer to 3.5m by now), which is as good as any console exclusive. Not giving PC gamers a demo has nothing to do with Piracy.

It can either be:

MS $$ throwing its weight around,

Or not showing PC version because the console version will then look last gen.

Edit: Infact ill bet the 360 version will be up on torrent before any other version.

evrfighter3736d ago

oh great I get the feeling we are going to see a $60 price point on pc...

sorry I'll pass until a steam sale

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guigsy3736d ago

You'll come crawling back if it gets class reviews.

EVILDEAD3603736d ago

Can't wait to play the demo tommorow..

Crysis 2 demo
Dead Space 2

Great week for gamers..


S_C3736d ago

And dont forget the bulletstorm demo, tommorows going to be a good day

EVILDEAD3603736d ago

Wow..actually forgot about the Bulletstorm demo

Its like Demo Xmas..looking forward to both titles

Xfanboy3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Your lying! You will buy crysis 2 your upset for now!! Im not buying day one but I just preordered the witcher 2 on steam instead!!

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theone263736d ago

Show us the PS3 and PC version and I might just care a bit.

distorted_reality3736d ago

I'm pretty sure the gameplay will be pretty much the same across all platforms.

Graphics, on the other hand......

reynod3736d ago

Graphics will be very simular between both the consoles, both of them trading blows. Since both of them are based on simular technology.

However the PC version will be the highlight of the game. Just like any multiplat released.

BC2- looks simular on both the consoles, PC verion is way superior

Black ops- looks simular on console, PC version superior.

MOH- Looks simular on both consoles, PC version way superior.

DoomeDx3736d ago

^ Black Ops simulair on consoles?

Did you even play the PS3 version?
Treyarch f**ked them up big time.
When i watched my brother playing Black Ops on x360, i noticed a HUGE diffrense in graphics.

reynod3736d ago

Its still a small difference when you will include the PC version into the mix.

Go ahead try running the PC version even on a 3-4 yr old GPU, max it out to 1080p with 4x AA. The difference between PS3 and Xbox will look piddly in comparison.

SJPFTW3736d ago

Crytek is an actuall AAA game developer. They aint treyarch, all treyarch is good at is leaching off other developer's franchises and making bastardized verisions of it. I have no question Crytek will make a quality game on all three consoles. Crysis 2 is still 2 months away and its still possible they will release multiplayer demos on PS3 or PC.

Substance1013736d ago

" Crytek will make a quality game on all three consoles."

Consoles = platforms owned by a certain company.

PC is open platform thus isnt a Console.

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thenickel3736d ago

Definitely not missing out on the 360 demo tomorrow. From the game play trailer it's looking mighty impressive so will see.

guigsy3736d ago

Great day for demos tomorrow, this and Bulletstorm.

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