Eddie Guerrero Coming To WWE All Stars? (Gameplaybook)

A new rumor has begun making the rounds that Latino Heat, the legendary Eddie Guerrero, will appear in THQ's arcade wrestling game, along with Sgt. Slaughter and Jimmy Snuka.

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DanteKnightsTemplar3731d ago

I grew out of wrestling when I realised a bunch of oiled up semi naked men jumping on each other was about making a bold gay statement. I bet this game will be fun, for... guys that like that kinda thing...

tdogg060519913731d ago

It's not about being oiled up semi-naked guys but its about watching another man choke the life out of someone. Sure there beefed up but when you see them go after each other with chairs, tables, ladders and even their fists its just for the purpose of entertainment seeing who will win in a battle of will. Sure it is staged but part of the fun is in believing it's real. Kicking ass is something everyone enjoys. Also gay is a term for those who are complete idiots.

plb3731d ago

You know it's fake..right?

King_many_layers3731d ago

people like you dante' need to learn to grow up.

Yes the wrestling we see on tv is fake and can be very melodramatic, but it's merely there as a form of entertainment.

Just because an outcome and certain "spots" are scripted to happen doesn't mean that these people are any less athletic or such. It's no different to any series of dramas, comedies or soap operas in terms of it being a scripted show.

The main difference being that these people have to train very hard in order to keep themselves fit, travel for months on end and try not to gain injuries for performing in front of millions of fans.

on topic, I believe he should be in it. He was incredibly talented.

tdogg060519913729d ago (Edited 3729d ago )

The movie 300 was fake too.

Bathyj3731d ago

Bring back Chris Benoit

King_many_layers3731d ago

As much as he was a great wrestler, there is no way that he will ever be included in any wrestling product ever again.

He would be in a federal prison if he was still around. I will leave it at that.

m233731d ago

Yeah, I don't think WWE even wants his name connected with them anymore.

Bathyj3730d ago

No, he was supposed to win the title and have a tribute show the weekend it happened.

Vince came out and said it wouldnt happen and he would never be mentioned again.

Thats how WWE rolls, they dont just fire you (even though hes dead), you get erased from their history.

pantatkaula3731d ago

I agree. I missed his toothless smile.. :P

LoneWanderer093731d ago

If they include Eddy that will change my mind from 60% to 90% about getting this game.

topgun333731d ago

I will definitely get this, if this rumor is true. I used to love using him in Smackdown here comes the pain! which I believe is the best wrestling game to date