10 Reasons why you won't hate Dead Space 2

@XG247: Dead Space 2 recently had an Ad campaign in the US entitled 'Your Mom Hates This'. We thought we'd best give you a top 10 reasons why you would enjoy Dead Space 2 other than your 'Mom' hating it.

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HarryPS33737d ago

Damn, talk about an annoying narrator.

000000000000000000013737d ago

After playing the demo, it put me back on the fence. I did decide to keep my pre-order, hope the game is at least as good as the first one! We'll find out tomorrow!

KingDustero3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

FYI the video has spoilers in it. So if you have remained spoil free this far don't watch this. The game will be out in less than twenty-four hours.

Anyways I can't wait myself. I won't have the game until Thursday myself (free shipping from Amazon), but I'm going to stay away from videos of it until then.

Man I really can't wait for Dead Space 2 though. The franchise is one of my favorites ever and really can't wait to see how the story plays out in this one.

Cenobia3737d ago

I thought if you pre-ordered from Amazon they delivered on the same day as release.

I think you might be getting it sooner than you think, unless you ordered from a third party.

Also, thanks for the spoiler warning.


I am already disappointed for the simple fact that they changed the way the laser sights project from the plasma cutter and the line gun.

I know, I know.. it's nit-picking, but it was little details like that which I absolutely loved about the first dead space.

with the line gun in DS1, each beam was independent, if you moved away from a target they would spread out... now you just got one single static line. boring !

also not happy with the alt fire options. why the hell did they go put a nade launcher on the rife as if it's an M16 from cod ? The turned something that seemed cool and futuristic from the first DS, into something as generic as every other shooter out right now. Same thing goes for alt fire on the line-gun as well.

I liked everything else about it from what I have seen, but after playing the demo I was very disappointed with some of the weapon changes.

I am a huge DS1 fan, maybe I am the only one who loved the weapons so much from DS1. It seems using the alt-fire to take out enemies while surrounded is to complicated, I know lets just give them a nubetube instead.

I would love to know who's idea that was...

Rhapsody_3737d ago

Sorry as great as the game sounds, im just to chicken to play it, bought the first one on release day, havnt played it again since that day xD