Okami was released on wrong console at wrong time

ONM: Okami is one of the best games on the Wii but it was a flop when it was originally released on PlayStation 2. With Okamiden just a few months away, Capcom producer Motohide Eshiro has told Official Nintendo Magazine why such a critically acclaimed game didn't do the business.

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PirateThom4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

Hasn't the same sort of mistake been made again with the 3DS launch?

Do Capcom hate the franchise that much?

Cajun Chicken4624d ago

Course not. They hate Powerstone more, even when the sequel was so well received.

Active Reload4624d ago

"Hasn't the same sort of mistake been made again with the 3DS launch?

Do Capcom hate the franchise that much?"

I don't see much logic in that statement. Where else would they release the game? XBLA? PSN? With the 3DS being new hardware, launch titles usually do particulary well in sales with such an occurence. Add to the fact this game will potentially be able to be played in 3D, that further enhances my statement.

Smacktard4624d ago

Uh... I think you're missing the point, Active Reload. It's NOT being released on the 3DS. It's being released on the DS, right before the 3DS is due to come out. That's why Capcom is dropping the ball. Be more informed when you try to argue a stance, please.

Pozzle4624d ago

Capcom seems to hate a lot of their franchises lately (*cough*ResidentEvil*cough*)

-Alpha4624d ago

Oh God, thank you! It's as if they intentionally hurt their best work.

Power Stone and Okami deserve better.

Coincidentally I'm playing through Okami these days. Fabulous game. Perhaps it was on the wrong console but if it wasn't on the PS2 I'd have no chance of playing what is now one of my favorite PS2 games.

ps3rider4624d ago

EPIC Micky launched on the wrong console

LoaMcLoa4624d ago

1.3 million players in the US tells you're wrong.

matey4624d ago

2.3 miilion sold in US 1.1 million in UK alone god only knows what its wordwide sales was wrong console it wouldnt have hit them numbers on both 360/ps3 combined specially with 50% of the gamers being Graphic geeks that can only look at grey graphics.

jc485734624d ago

There is something wrong with this world, but we all have to deal with it. People are just slow.

Megaton4624d ago

Is there a single person working on Okamiden who worked on Okami? I know Clover shut down and the heads built Platinum Games.

Okamiden looks to me like a Devil May Cry 2. An attempted Capcom cash-in on the original's success (in this case critical more than financial success) without the original creator having any involvement. Conveniently, they'd be screwing with the works of the same guy as well.

Stealth20k4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

okamiden broke 100k so why are they complaining and its very much critically acclaimed in its own right

TheDivine4624d ago

It was hard for me to find on ps2. Every game store i went to 4-5 years ago said it wasnt released in english or had never heard of it. Finally found it online. Great game. Its no wonder it didnt sell if gamestop, best buy exc never even heard of it.

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slayernz1184d ago

think youve missed the best one of all! using chameleon in dark souls to troll other players....had some great fun with this