Irving as the Joker and Sheva as a Na'vi in Resident Evil 5

Clearly, the PC version of Resident Evil 5 is the best one you can own. Why? Because modding it allows you to turn that cackling freak Irving into the joker.

That's what the modding community has done, as demonstrated in this clip which also has Chris Redfield as a rotting corpse and Sheva done up in the style of a Na'vi from James Cameron's Avatar. They then get attacked by a bunch of machete-wielding Weskers.

Clearly, this isn't what Capcom had in mind, and folks have been molding Resident Evil 5 PC since its release. And yes, the videos are ancient by Internet standards. But who cares? It's definitely fun to watch, and don't pretend like you're doing anything else important today.

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tdogg060519913741d ago

The guy who played Irving might make a great joker.

Pozzle3741d ago

It's funny...sometimes you wouldn't even consider somebody to be a good voice actor for a certain character until things like this are made.

EditorAtGNG3741d ago

Its a flood of WESKERS... RUN FER YER LIVEZ!

elbeasto863741d ago

hahaha That's pretty awesome.

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