Game People: Hands-on 3DS Review

Andy Robertson writes in his Family Gamer column: "It's clear that this is much more than just a 3D DS. This is something that is perhaps reflected in the price (of around GBP 229 or USD 250 - plus sales tax. It's a price that Nintendo can justify with the technology on offer here. It also feels like another industry savvy move on their part as they look to position the device to initially attract more hardcore gamers as well as distinguish themselves from the likes of the iPhone and Android games marketplace."

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paulgovan3736d ago

Interesting to read a first hand in-depth account of the console - as in how it felt rather than all the more technical details. From reading this I can't wait to get my hands on the device and try it myself.

shoinan3736d ago

Know what you mean. March can't come soon enough.

Copers873736d ago

Nice article. I can't wait to experience the glasses-less 3d for myself.

paulgovan3736d ago

I think it will be much nicer that having to wear specs. And you won't look so silly in public.

NatalieSabin3736d ago

Ive never been particularly fond of DS's, but the 3DS has sparked an interest, if it weren't for the hefty price tag it would be on my list. The high price tag and relatively small number of games has meant that I will be waiting for the next version of the 3DS so I can get my moneys worth! All of the features are really impressive and I am looking forward to trying out the 3DS so I can get to grips with 3D without glasses.

holdmykidney3736d ago

Nice article - great to read a Nintendo 3DS review that reveals a little of how the system will play for a real gamer rather than the usual pre-launch fluff.

I'm looking forward to it - I think the launch day games are a little thin on the ground, but the titles appearing the in the first couple of months are a good spread.

paulgovan3736d ago

Even if the system is as good as this piece suggests, I won't be buying it until there are some AAA games on the cards.

holdmykidney3736d ago

Perhaps - I'll probably be happy fooling around with the 3D camera for a good while though. Probably won't have time for gaming ;)

HairyArse3736d ago

I've played the 3DS. It's awesome. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.