Fallout New Vegas : more DLC coming

Peter Hines of Bethesda has confirmed to VG247 that there will be more DLC for Fallout New Vegas

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FrankMcSpank3737d ago

I assumed that this was a given. New Vegas was going to have at least 3, but probably 5 like Fallout 3.

Marked3737d ago

IMO Fallout NV is like a chick who has epileptic fits when having sex.

Unless I can play the game and "FINISH" it.... they can keep their DLC.

bigtrucknd3737d ago

They are not getting a penny from me until they fix they're current game. I want a patch not DLC.

Jack-Pyro3737d ago

I'm hoping that the DLC is actually worth it this time, Dead Money was too short, and didn't have enough good loot to justify a buy from me...Might get it later if it's on sale though....

More Small Guns and Explosives would be nice.

TheObserver3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I never have and never will supports the idea behings DLCs. They made a killing selling the games already and they can't give things away free as appreciation for the fans? I know it cost man hours to create these DLCs, but modders do a better job than they did it.... FOR FREE!

Syaz13737d ago

i dont agree or disagree with you. i'd rather judge the final product. if the the main game itself is a complete and a $60 experience, i would certainly consider getting the dlc, and if the dlc has some effort put into it, i would certainly get it. not many devs got dlc correct though. i think mass effect 2 on its own is complete, i'm not into the kasumi dlc, but very interested in the overlord and shadow broker dlc. that is what i call a proper add-on to an already complete game.

Megaton3737d ago

Obviously. 1/3 of the freakin' map is inaccessible and blank.

I'm assuming one of them will involve the courier who let you take the job instead of him, and another will involve Area 51.

GuruStarr783737d ago

This is why I've been buying all of my multiplat games for 360.....seems like ms goes out and gets the rights 4 dlc b4 sony.....only games I buy 4 ps3 are the exclusives.

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