Mortal Kombat: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Box Art - PS3 Wins

Product-Reviews writes: An image of the official PS3 box art for the game has appeared, and it includes the words ‘exclusive content’ and ‘Play as Kratos’ for the PS3 version.

We don’t want to choose sides, but who will want to miss out on a bonus character in Kratos on the PS3 version? – We definitely don’t.

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tr00p3r3737d ago

The Xbox 360 may still get exclusive characters via DLC, but if the PS3 gets an extra character out of the box.. it has to be the lead platform surely.

FrankMcSpank3737d ago

And the PS3 has other characters that can fit in the MK universe. Maybe we will a CHIMARA from Resistence to play as, or a Radec from KZ2.

Zack_Fair3737d ago

Surely both versions will receive many characters via DLC.
Already is normal in this gen, sell incomplete games.

dgonza403736d ago

so having an exclusive character isnt an advantage?
sure it might be a bit shallow, but it is understandable why kratos isnt on 360.

But indeed, both will get many more characters.. but kratos wont be on the dlc for xbox. unless... 0.o

Zack_Fair3736d ago

Of course it is an advantage.
I'll buy the PS3 version to play with Kratos. :)

Kurt Russell3737d ago

A box art comparison?


Simon_Brezhnev3737d ago

seem like Sony and WB got a good relationship since DC Universe Online

specialguest3737d ago

Now we're comparing box art for comparison wins now?? How desperate...

PS3 Rules3737d ago

PS3 WINS - Flawless victory - FATALITY

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manumit3737d ago

imo...who the a fvck cares?

unknownhero11233737d ago

you do, at least a little bit. otherwise, you wouldn't be commenting on this at all.

MajestieBeast3737d ago

Okay so now we have

Console wars.
Sales wars.
Dlc wars.
and Boxart wars.

UnSelf3737d ago

whats next?

star wars then world wars, whichll lead to cold wars and civil wars

Quagmire3737d ago

Given, I would rather have Console wars rather than WORLD WARS...

Perjoss3737d ago

well we kind of need another world war as games based in ww2 dont really sell too good anymore.

TheTruth893737d ago

Hey, you foroget the most hilarious.

the custom unannounced exclusives list!


blumatt3737d ago

Yeah those are the funniest ones. Haha. Make a big list of games that aren't announced. Or even funnier using Kinect games to inflate the list. Times sure have changed since 2006!!


owe it what...a slap? a kiss? ...what?


HelghastDrake3737d ago

Man MS keeps getting shafted on exclusive content. wait, pinch me, am i dreaming? has hell frozen over? if you where to tell me 3 years ago that i would be saying something like "Man PS3 getting all this exclusive content while 360 gets shafted" i would have called you crazy.

so Kratos in GOW3, Dead Space extraction free with Dead Space 2 on PS3, Medal Of Honor airborne came with free copy of Medal of honor etc. Sony has sure went on offense as far as exclusive content goes.

FrankMcSpank3737d ago

MoH Frontline came with the PS3 version.

ps3rider3737d ago

dead space extraction too

Masterchef20073737d ago

that is because the market is changing

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The story is too old to be commented.