Will L.A. Noire Be 2011's Heavy Rain?

PSExtreme: I don't mean to imply that L.A. Noire will be as amazing as Quantic Dream's masterpiece, nor would I put both titles in question in the same category.

More specifically, I'm wondering if the advancements in storytelling offered by L.A. Noire - which I think we're all anticipating - will assist the industry in the "growing up" process, in much the same way Heavy Rain was progressive.

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Schism203736d ago

All i know from what ive seen is that L.A noire is gonna have some insane facial animations.

Mr Tretton3736d ago

Is X gonna be this year's X??? woooow

Tired of that shit. Why not just make it stupid 'VS.' article while you're at it. Then give both games the Lens of Turd treatment.

tdogg060519913736d ago

They wrote the game like Heavy Rain an adventure game type script and Rockstar is backing it therefore it will be amazing.

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