3DS launch: Were you convinced?

With Wednesday's 3DS launch Nintendo (and Jonathan Ross) finally answered the last few questions hanging over its ground breaking 3D handheld.

With all the hype surrounding a device, which Nintendo claims will blow us all away (we get a lot of that), it's one of the most anticipated gaming entities coming this year.

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lepolohuevo3732d ago

I was. With the games coming out on it such as MGS3D, Layton, Star Fox, Zelda, Resident Evil, Paper Mario and many more is good enough for me to call it a good system.

Really interested with what devs can do with 3D (especially with RE) and the AR cards.

So yeah, very convinced.

CDbiggen3732d ago

Not really. And I love the DS and it's games. £230 for the thing itself, £30 - £40 per game, 3 and a half hour charge for 3-5 hour play time on lowest settings and the majority of the games are ports and rehashes.