Del Toro: 'Games the cornerstone of narrative in next decade'

Video games will "completely take over storytelling in our society" in the not too distant future, believes Guillermo del Toro.

The movie director, who's now heading development on his first game, Insane, with THQ and Volition, reckons games, not Hollywood, will be the powerhouse of creative storytelling within the next ten years.

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jony_dols3593d ago

If Del Toro says it, I believe him.
After seeing the latest LA Noire trailer, I think
games are starting to make the leap into complex

DannyDammit3593d ago

Del Toro was my favourite filmmaker before I even knew how much he appreciated videogames... Now he's like, my favourite PERSON ever... Fuck I love that guy

alphakennybody3593d ago

I beleive it has already surpassed hollywood.

ps3rider3593d ago

I think this game will take lessons from alan wake, heavy rain and deadly Deadly Premonition.