Cat interacts with Kinect

cat playing kinectimals on xbox kinect

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jay23357d ago ShowReplies(3)
imTatsu3357d ago

The cat wasn't even looking at the TV.

imTatsu3357d ago Show
PixlSheX3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

Anyway, why are you defending this video, Kon? Did your cat played kinectimals too?

The real killer3356d ago

No, the cat is distract by some one, but it's funny :)

thats_just_prime3356d ago

Its really sad and pathetic that crapstation3 fangirls are so scared of the kinect that they take time to attack this video. Cats interest with tv and video games all the time especially if they see another cat on the tv so this kind of thing is hardly new.

Biggest3356d ago

This it the type of video that my mother shows to her book club friends. Is this what we're to expect from "gamers" now as well?

Bnet3433356d ago

fake or not, that video was hilarious. I cant stop laughing .... *wipes tears*

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Lord_Doggington3357d ago

that cat was playing w/ something being dangled in front of him...he didn't give two shits about what was going on tv

Bigpappy3356d ago

The cat is definately not controlling the avatar. But it could very well be reacting to the avatar on screen. I done see anything in the vid to indecate otherwise. To say some one has a object dangling is purely speculative.

Parapraxis3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

"I done see anything in the vid to indecate otherwise. To say some one has a object dangling is purely speculative. "
The wasn't looking at the TV... that's not "speculative" it's a fact.

Kon3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )


imTatsu3357d ago

Really? That's your evidence? No no, you actually took time to get evidence?

Okay okay, you win. Lmao.

Ryudo3356d ago

wow Kon just wow... and I thought Playstation fanboys where the biggest retards on n4g...

X marks the spot.

Tinasumsum3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

You wasted 3 bubbles trying to convince people that the cat was not looking at the TV? LMAO You hate Kinect so bad you try to discredit a Kinect cat video? RLMAO!

The cat is reacting to anything that moves IMO is the TV and a bug as well.

Nicaragua3356d ago

Its hardly a waste of bubbles. Its not like there is some greater topic to be debated here which he could have made better use of his bubbles on, its just a cat and Kinect.

Aarix3356d ago

F*** guys it's just a cat, wether or not he was looking at the tv doesn't really matter it still was funny. Go fight somewhere else.

JustGamer3356d ago

I agree. Fanboys makes anything, even in a cat video, to bash Kinect in something. This cannot be adult people, it's kids all around.

Well, I think the cat must be seeing something in the TV, otherwise there is not explanation why he is moving their body and feets like that.

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Parapraxis3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Wow, how frigging stupid can people get.
Whoever filmed this is an idiot.
Whoever believes the cat was actually looking at the TV and "interacting" with the kinectimal (instead of a string) is an even bigger idiot.

tplarkin73356d ago

I agree. It's an obvious fake.

karl3356d ago


just look at the distance .. why else would the camera be so close to the cat? if there wasnt something to hide ? =S

NRG3356d ago

The creator of the video probably thinks everyone taking this so serious is an idiot. It might be... you know, a joke?

karl3356d ago

im just saying but.. a joke is a joke.. u dont mistake it for something else..

thats how u end up laughing ...

i dont really care though... just saying xD

Apone3356d ago

If he was interacting with the kinectimal, he would have jumped through the TV screen already... Nice cat though ;)

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sbizarre3356d ago

That cat is sooo cute :) I would rather buy a new kitty then to buy kinect with kinectimals...For everyone who wants to buy kinectimals: Save a life and buy a real kitty from the pound/shelter. Nothing beats a living breathing creature who loves you and needs you. Why waste your time pretending when you can save a life and have the real thing.

m233356d ago

I'd much rather buy a dog, cats aren't my thing.

lochdoun3356d ago

This is fucking adorable.

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