140° Why Paying For A Demo Sucks "When you hear the word "demo," you would usually associate it with a free sample or a free demonstration of a product. Obviously the keyword here is "free." Yet in this generation of games, it becomes quite disconcerting when a company decides to charge for what should be free and clearly labeled as a demo. The most recent of culprits that comes to mind is one of the larger game publishers of Japan: Square Enix."

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ShawnCollier2917d ago

Good to know $quare Enix is still in the game. :p

Sanrin2917d ago

I was worried they'd run out of ways to exploit their fanbase!

jeseth2917d ago

The only way I could see paying for a demo would be if the $$$ spent on the demo counted towards the purchase of the full game.

Kind of how paying for NFL playoff tickets in advance count towards your season tickets if your team doesn't make it to their conference championship.

Hardedge2917d ago

Sad to say, I'd probably buy that demo if it was available in NA.

mephman2917d ago

It is pretty low, but after Capcom's success with Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, I think many more publishers will be doing it.

Pillage052917d ago

...then don't pay for a demo?

Karlnag32917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

What's great about this article is, the guy takes the point made in the preview snippet above, and turns it into 7 paragraphs! No, seriously read it... he literally just says the same thing over and over. Sure, it's a valid point, but still- lol.

Hardedge2917d ago

The point was at least supported by multiple examples, unlike other incoherent rants.

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The story is too old to be commented.