Why Optional 3D Could Hurt the 3DS

The 3DS is set to become Nintendo’s most successful handheld yet, with its ability to produce 3D visuals without the need for clunky glasses. What’s great about the system is that it has a switch to turn the 3D effect off. Unfortunately, Nintendo is allowing developers to ship 3DS games that don’t have 3D visuals whatsoever, a decision that will come to haunt the company after launch.

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johnthe5th3732d ago

I think that what Nintendo is doing makes perfect sense. 3D is probably more expensive to make, and forcing this extra time and money on potential developers for the system would hurt Nintendo even more. Besides, no 3D gives devs a chance to make the graphics even better than what we've seen so far.

DJ3732d ago

3D is marginally more expensive to implement. There's no reason for Nintendo to not to make it mandatory. Think about it.

"Hey, how come some of my 3DS games aren't in 3D?"

The games are going to cost upwards of $50. They should be using the platform's primary selling point. Ne excuses.

na-no-nai3731d ago

I think Nintendo did the right choice no to make it mandatory. I mean look if they did that then indie devs probably dont have the resource to do it. I highly doubt it would hurt Nintendo