ORION: Prelude Interview: Dinosaurs, Jetpacks and Space Marines


"There have been MANY Duke Nukem Forevers in the industry, but we simply don’t hear about them. An underdog title that’s undergone four major reconstructions is being released this summer, and it’s called ORION: Prelude.

It’s a multiplayer-only title that serves as a prelude to an epic trilogy.

I recently had time to speak with David Prassel, the designer and leader of Spiral Game Studios. He took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some of my questions, and I was deeply affected by his determination and vision. Also, enjoy the exclusive new screenshots!"

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Proeliator3358d ago

Game looks to go back to what FPSs are about: fun and nonsense... it's incredible that they're doing this with no pay.

gaminoz3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

Speaking of fun and nonsense...will we ever get another Timsplitters?

I hope that they consider bots and split screen with ORION too, like Timesplitters :).

If they are doing this with no pay that means no income and having to pay to do it...that's incredible. I want to see more new IPs from independents, but these games seem to get canned all the time.

Hooshuwashu3358d ago

Man, do I agree with that! Timesplitters was fantastic...

3358d ago
PrimordialSoupBase3358d ago

How the hell was my comment spam? Just a friendly suggestion that could help these dudes get this game made.

BadCircuit3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

It is interesting that this game is like Halo. The way that Halo is so popular means that it might be good to go this way (as long as they don't go too much like Halo).

gaminoz3358d ago

Looks a bit like Halo, but there's dinosaurs! As long as they are better than the Turok ones...

SJPFTW3358d ago

what made Halo fun was its simplicity. no overpowered killstreaks, no overpowered perks and no complicated objectives/game mechanics. Glad they are be influenced by Halo instead of copying Call of Duty like every other FPS nowadays

gaminoz3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

I love the idea of these random dinos running around picking off those gamers who like to play as snipers!!! While they concentrate on their scopes to kill some guy on a jetpack, dino comes from behind and CHOMP!

Still, I'm more of a single player guy so I'd be more excited by the trilogy part.

Proeliator3358d ago

As the title implies, it's simply the entry of what's to come...

Hooshuwashu3358d ago

I think it's a perfect way to weed out campers and snipers alike. Kudos to them. It's also awesome.

Hooshuwashu3358d ago

Great interview, really looking forward to this game. It's as if Turok came back in a sense...

Proeliator3358d ago

It's a shame Turok will never have glory again... that Turok title from two years or so ago was ABYSMAL and made me go back to the N64 version to make me feel clean again.

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