Black Ops Mythbusters: Episode 4

DTH is proud to present our fourth installment of Black Ops Mythbusters!

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Kon2852d ago

The end is so funny xD

BiggCMan2851d ago

They always make good videos. Also, I thought links from youtube weren't allowed as articles on n4g? I remember submitting one once and it got reported for being from youtube.

Kon2851d ago

Not all kind of Youtube videos are allowed. But some, like this and Classic Game Room reviews are

SpitFireAce852852d ago

Wow did not Know that you can kill someone that has
full health with a tactical grenade!!

solidsnake2222852d ago

Me neither, I wonder if that's been patched?

RyuCloudStrife2852d ago

i did it today with the willy pete playing search and destroy

eterry2851d ago

EPIC, when the guy got shot out of midair, really funny to

Call_me_Ishmael2851d ago

i guess thats why the first one is called dolphin diving