THQ Says: We Love Gears, But They Should Worry About Red Faction Armageddon. The Hype Is Real

1. Master Chief Getting A Redesign
2. THQ Guest Stars On HHGS
3. LBP2 - 10/10
4. Sony producing a new fighting game similiar to smash bros, very interesting

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Hitman07692877d ago

I feel like Uncharted is good competition for Gears but they say they can even go after COD which will be amazing.

I loved Red Faction series especially part 1 very much. Even though it was before the era of online console gaming it was so amazing I played the multiplayer over and over and over!! Great story too.

Seriously would love to see Red Faction take the industry by storm again like it did back in the day.

FinalSpartan2877d ago


Everyone knows how great it is.

The real killer2877d ago

It's just shoot-cover-shoot-cover and shoot game, Nothing special to me.

And i think it will not own big time, from waht i have seen, it look just as Gears 2.

Well, for the rest i will wait for that.

mrcash2877d ago

lol the same can be said about UC, but they are both amazing in their own ways.

peowpeow2877d ago

Again, people over-simplifying games to make them look bad. Every game can be reduced to so and so like that..

Also there's a big graphical leap in Gears 2 v Gears 3 from what I've seen

antz11042877d ago

True, but if Red Faction Armaggeddon is anything like Guerrilla but improved upon (like its supposed to be), this game will TAKE OFF.

Especially since THQ learned from their mistakes and said themselves they under-marketed RFG big time.

Inside_out2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I have my opinions about Red Faction Guerrilla, but that interview, Hips antics aside, told me what I wanted to here.

The lighting in the first game was brutal with launch title written all over it. The physics on the other hand were easily some of the best use of the Havok engine ever. Many times while playing some of the driving segments I thought I was in a mad max movie. Get the demo, it's better than the

Game play wise, it was unbearable. The repetitiveness of the game play just ruined the whole experience...sad since it had alot of potential.

So, they have improved the lighting and seem to have gone with a third person action type of format and that is the best thing they could of done IMO.

Can't wait to see some in depth game play.

BTW...nothing is gonna get close to game is doing what that game is doing...PERIOD. E3 will demonstrate that loud and clear.

@Atielite below... Halo Reach, while ignored by the gaming voting media this year, was one of the best Halo and game over all this year, this gen and in the history of gaming. Gamers vote with there wallets and with the time they spend on line...Halo is up there with the best of them...ON ANY PLATFORM...even tho it's exclusive to one.

Kurt Russell2877d ago

I love the Gears series, and if the next Red Faction trumps it, then I am sure I will love that too. The MP on Red Faction Guerilla was loads of fun!

Uncharted is again one of my favourite franchises (maybe I am just a 3rd person nerd) but I have never compared it with Gears, more something like Tomb Raider - I find it odd that people seem to find it the same as chainsawing the guts out of things.

Regardless, those who are poo poo'ing before even playing - stop fucking about and give it a try! It'll give you big massive balls!

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ATiElite2877d ago

360 Gears of War 3 will destroy Halo once and for all and bring HARDCORE gamers back to the 360. ALL HAIL the real 360 FLAGSHIP TITLE.

PS3 Uncharted 3 will co-dominate with Killzone 3 a list of awesome exclusives making all PS3 gamers dirt broke. Crime increases in 2011 as well as PS3 gamers result to Whatever to get money for all the games.

PC 2011 The return to greatness as DICE kills DX9 (Enthusiast PC gamers celebrate buy burning 8800 gtx in the streets) plus Guild Wars 2, Rift, Tera, and Star Wars The Old Republic take turns bringing down the mighty World of Warcraft as Yoda would say...."Thus the MMO wars have begun".

Spinal2877d ago

LOL Well said mate. I cant wait for all the titles you mentioned except Rift an TERA. And you left out Diablo 3 how dare you! :)

Psychotica2877d ago

Yes, for frig sake kill of DX9!

deadreckoning6662877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I agree that the Uncharted franchise gives the Gears franchise incentive to improve...but neither games are a threat to each other IMO considering that Gears 3 is for Gears fans at this point. Gears fans will get Gears 3 regardless of whatever else comes out.

Red Faction is a TOTALLY different beast since it emphasizes unique weapons and destruction.

@hiphop- Can u try to do something about making ur shows viewable via the PS3's web browser? I'd appreciate it.

egm_hiphopgamer2877d ago

I'll try @deadreckoning thanks for checking out the show god bless you man peace

NYC_Gamer2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

THQ,should worry about bringing us more quality.

LunaticBrandon2877d ago

Metro 2033, STALKER and Dawn of War are all great games. All published by THQ.

vishant1012877d ago

all great games but nothing special

AntoineDcoolette2877d ago

^ are there any other solid Warhammer 40k vidya games or open world survivalist FPS with RPG and horror elements

Angels37852877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Homefront looks promising as well.

evrfighter2877d ago

don't like adding to chains but ^^^^^ that.

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gamerzBEreal172877d ago

i hated the last red faction it was like a 5/10 imo
and gears being a AAA franchise i dont see how the next red faction will be a threat to in any way i know the older red factions were great but times change

palaeomerus2877d ago

I thought Red Faction: Guerrilla was a hell of a lot of fun. The new one seems to be more of an over the shoulder type game like RE:4 and Gear though.

Gears is a much higher profile series though.

Coffin872877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I didn't play Guerilla, but RF1 and RF2 on PS1+2 were great, great fun. Two of the best Ego-Shooters on the systems imo.
Splitscreen Deathmath modes with Bots were awesome. Some of the best PlayStation memories I have because of the two games.

Sadly, what we see today has nothing to do with the old games.
But I guess this is another chance for THQ to prove themselves. I just hope they don't totally rape the old franchise..

Ares84PS32877d ago

With a title like this...who else would had it been? Ofcourse it's HHG.

huzzaahh2877d ago

His point is that it's nonsensical and ridiculous.

Joni-Ice2877d ago

@ huzzaahh, if thats what he meant then 90% of articles on N4G are the same. For him to call it out is irrelevant.

palaeomerus2877d ago

Irrelevant to the people riding HHG's nutz maybe...

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