What Does the Future Hold for Valkyria Chronicles? | Mad Overdose writes: What if I told you the story of a mysterious group of legendary female warriors called the Valkyria, with beautiful long silver hair, cloaked from head to toe in blue flames, they fight with lance and shield at hand to protect or destroy for the ones they care for. I’d tell you to drop the Norse Mythology, because this is Valkyria Chronicles. I am a big fan of the original Valkyria Chronicles game. At the time, it was unique for a game to feel so real, in a strange way. The story was serious, the battles were so tough it took real strategy to get through them, the graphics were impressive, taking the form of beautiful moving brush stroked painting, and no, that isn’t just a metaphor for how much of a “masterpiece” this game actually was. The game was created by Sega which was surprising at the time seeing how Sega’s track record was downhill at the time, but Valkyria Chronicles stood above many games in 2008 and won my heart many times over. Not only that, but Valkyria Chronicles was recognized by Guinness World Records as the best strategy RPG on the PlayStation 3, how cool is that? Its ending was….. perfect, there is no other way to put it, it gave us an ending that in no way possible could piss anyone off, and fans pleaded to Sega for a sequel, I thought it to be a lost cause much like the wanted good Sonic title that fan boys won’t bitch about. But then we got the sequel on the PSP, fan boys complained, even myself to some degree, that is no lie, but then when the game came out…. I didn’t get it, for some reason my mind and body refused to buy it. Then late last Christmas I received a present from my dear overseas friend, it was Valkyria Chronicles 2. So now here I am, writing this article. So does Valkyria Chronicles 2 stands out as the sequel to one of the greatest games I’ve ever played, well lets compare them back to back, shall we?

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Yi-Long3736d ago

... might even be my favourite game on the PS3...

... but I'm not really interested in the PSP games, considering the 2nd game had english dub only, which I don't want, and I suspect the 3rd game will have the exact same problem.

I really hope the next Valkyria game will just be on the PS3 again, with the original japanese voices.

GodHandDee3735d ago

I think people are missing out by not playing VC2, it was an absolute delight to play

Can't wait for VC3

Optical_Matrix3735d ago

VC4 for PS3. One can only dream. VC3 was great when I played the demo. Can't wait for the release.

sasuke993735d ago

its not like there wont be a ps3 valkyria chronicles in the end, the producer said he wanted a more new story for the ps3 game, which i understand, i really hope that the next VC will land on ps3 .

Esena3735d ago

I got VC2 for $16 during the Sega sale not too long ago. Don't have time to play it now, but glad I picked it up. I'll hopefully be able to play it soon though!

Kon3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Need to shrink the description

SeraphimBlade3735d ago

Need to shrink the whole damn article. I freaking loved Valkyria Chronicles and I couldn't get myself to read all of that.

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The story is too old to be commented.