A Real Gamer Plays Super Mario Backwards

That’s right Backwards. A Hacker manage to pull of this neat little trick that allow you to play the game backwards. If you call yourself a master SMB player, than step up to the challenge. While I love SMB, the thought of playing it backwards hurts my brain.

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PirateThom3732d ago

You have no idea how much it annoyed me watching that, knowing it was wrong... I can't even explain why it was annoying me!

SasanovaS19873732d ago

maybe cus u have a serious problem and you need to go meet and interact with more people, get that social aspect of life down, take video games less seriously, then come back to the internet...then youd laugh at the video and think its pretty neat...other then that, i cant really help you.

Kon3731d ago

Man, this is almost disturbing!

sobekflakmonkey3731d ago

i like it, because it just goes to show you how much just flipping an image can change someones perspective.

MintBerryCrunch3731d ago

ohh that sexy italian plumber...always something new to learn about him

Samus HD3731d ago

Only Chuck Norris can do that

ChickeyCantor3731d ago

just flip your controller and adapt to the awkward jump/run swap.

dragon_rocks3731d ago

Could be done more easily by putting a mirror and play while watching the reflection. Only difference will be that the button layout will be the same but the game would still be visually backwards.

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