Top Ten Franchises This Generation "The current generation of consoles has become synonymous with overwhelming production costs that require most publishers to bet on a sure thing, a proven brand. Surprisingly, a great deal of new franchises have achieved considerable success, despite the inherent risk of releasing an unknown commodity. When creativity flourishes the following franchises are born, the best of this console generation, in alphabetical order."

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Hardedge3732d ago

Assassin's Creed was definitely a surprise this generation and certainly one of the top ones.

JDouglasGU3732d ago

Ubi Montreal did a great job improving the sequels.

Hardedge3732d ago

Definitely, I can't wait for the next one.

I also agree that Mass Effect is one of the most amazing RPG epics of this generation, looking forward to ME3.

BiggCMan3732d ago

I disagree with Rock Band, Gears of War, and Left 4 Dead. Other than those, its a good list. Just my own opinion of course. I will say that there is more than 10 amazing franchises in this generation though, new and old.

DORMIN3732d ago

Wow this is a good list!

I would take out GeOW for InFamous though and L4D for Dead Rising

mephman3732d ago

I know we've been getting a lot of sequels recently, but at least they're sequels from IPs that started this generation.

I wonder what the next generation will be like.

Coramoor_3732d ago

there will definitely be at least one more, that much is a guarantee

emk20043732d ago

im glad deadspace made this list. its on my top 3 new franchises this gen and is helping to revive horror survival games which haven't been doing so well lately cant wait for the 25th

Sanrin3732d ago

Peggle being an honorable mention makes me laugh, then frown a little at the thought that PopCap being so popular.

HeavenlySnipes3732d ago

over InFamous? Look I know the second is probably a great game and all but the first barely got any recognition and was a slightly above average game. InFamous could have been GOTY whereas the original Dead Space wouldn't even come to mind for best games this gen.

It shows how much hype can really make a seres/game seem wayy better than it really is.

cooperdnizzle3732d ago

Dead space is a good game, But i do agree with you. Infamous has to be one of the best game's i played this gen. And the second one just looks ten times better then the first.. They should be on this list.

jeseth3732d ago

Dead Space reset the bar for survival horror. It deserves all the credit it gets.

I loved infamous, so much so that I played through it twice to platinum it . . . but I personally liked Dead Space more.

Either way good list.

palaeomerus3731d ago

I like Dead Space WAY more than inFamous and am looking forward to Dead Space 2 a lot more than I am inFamous 2. So Speak for yourself.

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