Should you be able to ‘mod’ your games console?

Which? Convo: Sony recently took legal action against a number of ‘hackers’ after they released security codes for the PlayStation 3. It says that this will enable owners to play pirated games, but is suing them the right approach?

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NYC_Gamer3732d ago

its legal to mod/jail break the machine you brought

Nate-Dog3732d ago

And considering the price of most consoles like these nowadays you certainly should be allowed to do that. I don't see Sony taking action against people doing this with PSPs. (Yeah I know it's easier to do and harder to find, still counts though.)

DualConsoleOwner3732d ago

It is what people do after JBing their console.

at least 95 percent of them use it for pirating games which is very illegal.

JoySticksFTW3732d ago

I'd love to mod my PS3 just to backup games to harddrive like 360.

My 360 is whisper quiet ever since this feature was implemented, but the real benefit is less wear.

I don't want to my PS3 bluray drive to burn out

I don't even download illegal music, so I'm not even thinking about illegal games

Ryudo3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Look there are a lot bigger problems then Piracy in the world, if you really want to do something to help the games industry stop buying/trading in used games.

That does a lot more damage to the pockets of the publishers you quite clearly care about.

That way they can have 4 super cars instead of just 2, Piracy and homebrew is not the enemy. People are all to quick to blindly follow the media like sheep.

Look Piracy all but stopped PC development now it's back stronger then ever, Piracy simply evolves a platform it doesn't destroy it the PC is proof of that.

less then 1 percent of the PS3 market is currently effect by Piracy as much as 50 percent is currently effected by the sale and trade in of used games yet I don't see any moral stances on that.

I honestly think the so called "moral" stances against piracy are people that don't like the fact the next person is getting free games.

All I here on N4G is Piracy is the enemy it's simply not and never was to being with, People have a serious issue of not being able to think for themselves.

There told piracy is bad and they role with it they do very little to think of the reasons behind such accusations.

Piracy is everywhere every single one of you have performed an act of Piracy at some point intentional or unintentional. And most of the people telling you piracy is morally wrong are the same people earning 10x your wage packet.

You guys seriously need to wake up, Piracy this Piracy that it's pathetic what about are basic fundamental human fucking rights. I bought the console it belongs to me I will do whatever the fuck I like with it.

bananlol3732d ago

I do believe that more games would be sold if the second hand market was terminated then if piracy wanished. Japan did that, perhaps they still do, and they got a beatable verson of battletoads so perhaps it works.

Eamon3732d ago

Hmm, one smart method Sony should take is enable the feature to install the HDD just like MS did.

It would deter the genuine people who use backup manager for legal backups away from using CFW since the console already has that feature.

Microsoft did it (most likely for that reason and because of the complaints of disc scratches) so Sony should do it too.

NoobSessions3732d ago

If it doesnt involve piracy, and inadvertently hurting devs, I dont see it why it would be an issue at all.

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techie3732d ago

OK, so explain the lawsuits? Would Sony go about it if they knew they were going for an inevitable loss?

Ducky3732d ago

.... because all lawsuits by a multi-million company end in them winning? O.o

techie3732d ago

That's not true. Maybe in the US, but from what I know in the UK, it's the individuals who mostly win out.

Darkfocus3732d ago

sony doesn't even need to win they just need to outlast him and make the suit last as long as possible..... microsoft takes on suits it knows it'll lose all the time, they just wait for the guy suing them to run out of money rather than actually trying to win....

Eamon3732d ago

I think the law system isn't that under-developed nowadays so the rich can win simply by wasting time.

badz1493732d ago

oohh...real life is so not agreeing with you there. there are more cases where big corporations lose in court than winning them!

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ME19893732d ago


Problem isn't people buying guns. It's what people do after buying their guns.

Really that argument isn't that sound. Yes, it's true most use it to pirate games. But you can't legally stop something just because someone COULD do something illegal with it afterwards.

bodybombs3732d ago

its like saying they should sell guns because people sometimes kill people with guns

t0mmyb0y3732d ago

Its a computer. Can you mod your computer???

Tony-Red-Grave3732d ago

but hack games' online isn't nor is playing pirated games. you can mod to make it better but not to mess around with the online, which hey you don't own.

Arksine3732d ago

That ruling only applied to smartphones. It didn't even include the ipad.

In the future console jailbreaking may very well be ruled legal, but for the moment it is not.

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kneon3732d ago

At the moment modding your console to bypass the security and run unauthorized software is not legal, the DMCA may yet be changed to include game consoles but right now it's still not legal.

But even if they make modding your console legal, that doesn't mean that publishing parts of the consoles software (like the root key) is legal. That is still under copyright so what geohotz did is most likely going to get him in the end.

solar3732d ago

NYC_Gamer is correct. it's a slippery slope once you tell consumers what they can/cannot do with the product they bought. consumers should not be at the mercy of the manufacturers.

Sano643732d ago

Great read, thanks for posting it

andron3732d ago

You can do whatever you like to your console, but if you take it online and mess up others game play experience then it's a different matter altogether.

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AKA3732d ago

yessssss, i hope the ps4 is open for mods, i was reading that hackers use pc mods on the ps3 games and they kind of work but its not 100%perfect.

Darkfocus3732d ago

I think people are just disagreeing with you because of the negative stigma attached to any sort of hacking on this site...despite the fact that there's lots of good things that come from it too like mods and fan translations(all those japan only tales games will eventually get translated by fans :D)

AKA3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

true, like like know saw the news that you can download any psn game and dlc for free.
''i'm tempted, but i will not do it until maybe the ps4 comes out, sony owns me over $300 in sending two times my ps3 for repair, pluss a lot of save games that i lost and a sd memory card with pictures that i lost forever''

TacoTaru3732d ago

That would be fine, but when Steam type or some other strict type of DRM happens don't complain. Your copy of your game will be registered to your account. No more used game market. Maybe internet connection required to play at all. Intellectual Property must be protected somehow. It's one of those things you can't have both ways.

CrzyFooL3732d ago

Fuck yeah I wana put rims on my PS3

techie3732d ago

And spray it with a killer stripe.

Quagmire3732d ago

Lol bubs+

Thats the thing. Its alright to buy a car second hand, and its alright to mod your car, yet when it comes to buying games second hand and modding your OWN console, companies go ape-crap

Pedantic913732d ago

But if it leads to piracy, then no.
Im all for homebrew, but when you hear someone's tinkering with hardware, it's not wrong to assume it will probably lead to piracy.

Godmars2903732d ago

Still, the thing is some modders got started because of wanting to play region locked titles. That's why I did it to my SNES and PS1, but then I still bought the games legally.

And of course today those games are on PC emulators.

techie3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I wonder if that's why Sony let games from any region play on the PS3 - to stop piracy. Again with the Linux - I bet it was the intention to stop the need for piracy. I bet it was just the heads of the company that got cold feet, not PlayStation folk.

Godmars2903732d ago

The Linux thing was probably a half-hearted attempt that might have lead to PS3 related home made apps.

I say half hearted because Kutaragi or Harrison were likely behind it. With neither no long at Sony anymore.