Hands On: Clive Barker's Jericho

Codemasters held a gamer's day on Friday and invited RewiredMind to have a look at a near-final version of the game.

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Keowrath4980d ago (Edited 4980d ago )

So only 15 hours, no multiplayer are this games main downfalls? That sounds similar to a recent game by the name of Bioshock yet that was recieving 10 out of 10's everywhere...

I'm looking forward to Jericho, it looks lovely and as long as it plays smooth, it should be a great game!

donscrillinger4980d ago

no online play co-opp no sell

RadientFlux4980d ago

With Clive Barker's name attached to this project I am expecting great things with this game. I just hope it has a better then average storyline element like Bioshock or Halo

Microsoft Knight4980d ago

not that i care about this game it's a rip off of halo and gears of war