Media Create software sales (1/10 - 1/16)

Media Create has published the latest software sales from Japan. First week sales for Mass Effect 2, Another Century’s Episode Portable, Arcana Hearts 3, and more have been revealed.

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FrankMcSpank3730d ago

No ni Kuni is still kicking major arse. #4, and it's still running strong. I am totally getting this game when it hits the US. If it's a different game on PS3, then I will get both, if they are the same, then I'll just get it on PS3. I hope it uses Move to do all the spells and such, like the DS uses the touchscreen, and I want that 300 page book too.

Mass Effect 2 coming in at #15 is not at all bad for the 360 in JP. Gives a great deal of hope that it will do very well on PS3. Great job to Bioware on it.

jneul3730d ago

i will get Ni no Kuni on ps3:-p

coldfoot3730d ago

Didn't know there was a Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3...