DCUO SOE’s “Fastest Selling Game Ever”

Creators of the EverQuest series, Sony Online Entertainment are known for developing quality MMOs that are not only critical successes, but also commercial ones. But the success of SOE’s previous titles seems to pale in comparison to DC Universe Online, which is now their “fastest selling game ever”.

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Taggart4513733d ago

Really? That's big news, speaking from the people who made Everquest. Now if only they didn't kill Star Wars Galaxies the way they did, the world would be a perfect place.

evrfighter3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

not sure what the disagrees are for its true. SOE has a rough unpolished gem in their hands. It needs alot of delicate work.

As it stands alot of wow players I know including me have stopped playing wow for DCU. If they relax then it may become stale. Content delivery is going to be key for them.

Just hope they learned their lesson with SWG.

soundslike3732d ago

tier 3 raids have been mentioned by the lead game director to be out next month or so. said something like we'd "be surprised at how much content [we] will add"

the last raid you can currently do apparently sets up the rest of the story,*semi spoilers, but not really*

as you don't even fight braniac yet, just an avatar of him.

LoVeRSaMa3732d ago

I have been playing and really enjoying myself, I am only level 14 but I have been in 2 instances, and a PVP arena.

I Use mental powers, can fly and shoot lasers from my hand, I love this game so far :)

hakis863732d ago

I'm having a lot of fun with this game, my real first ever MMO game.

ELite_Ghost3732d ago

is there a free trial?

whens the ps3 version coming out?

KillaManiac3732d ago

There is no free trial unless you get a PC buddy key.

And the PS3 version came out same day as PC version.

hakis863731d ago

No free trial.. but the first 30 days are free at least =)

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Orange3732d ago

I really enjoyed the beta...but I haven't played an MMO since Ultima Online.

multips3fan3732d ago

i really dont think that people will continue to subscribe.with each new ps3 exclusive and multiplats that comes out each month.paying 15$ a month plus 60$ for a new game is going hurt their bank account.

RememberThe3573732d ago

This is on PC too. It's probably seeing it's best numbers on PC and will continue to do so.

saladthieves3732d ago

For any of you guys out there who have tried DC Universe Online, is it worth getting? Which platform would you choose? I have a PS3 and PC...which one would you recommend I get?

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Darkfiber3733d ago

But MMO sales don't matter, subscription numbers do...

doctorstrange3733d ago

People have to buy a game before they subscribe to it...

Chris3993733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Oh, and suck that Gertsmann. It's clear who the odd man out is in this scenario.

Edit: And as others have pointed out, heavy front-end sales gives the developers all the more reason to push development for the game.

Darkfiber3732d ago

Obviously but that is not where the bulk of their money comes from. If tons of people bought the game but only played it for a month then cancelled their subscriptions, they would be in shit. There is no way the game will make up its development costs with just the sale of game copies. A lot of people are going to cancel subscriptions for the mere fact that console owners don't understand why they have to pay $15 for a game they already own, and they wont, as soon as the next big game comes along.

nycredude3732d ago


So you think that people will spend $60 for a game and notbe compelled to continue to play it? Sounds like a waste of money to me. Most people who buy these types of games are MMO players and know what they are getting into. Otherwise, they just wouldn't buy it. If front end sales is very good then there is more of a chance of people subscriber than if front end sales were bad. It's very much common sense 101. But this is the internet and N4G, where commone sense and logic is lefted at the door.

jneul3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

@darkfiber people have no problems paying full price for wow cat, what makes you think that they wont be willing to pay for dcuo as long as sony brings the content imo it's more than worth it, if you do the maths its £9.99 per month that's about £2 per week

Darkfiber3731d ago

Cause most MMO players are not console gamers. I'm talking specifically about the PS3 version. The sub numbers will drop significantly over the next few months. You're in complete denial if you think millions of PS3 owners are going to sub to the same game for years on end. I don't care if you like the game and think it's good, it doesn't change that fact.

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despair3733d ago

also when you see sales like this, you can bet they will try their best to keep us subscribing by working their asses off, they are going to be both excited and under more pressure to keep the ones they got and get new people in.

mrv3213733d ago

Well a MMO costs $100 million to make, so selling a MILLION+ in a couple days will greatly negate that cost. It's what $50 on Steam, $60 on PS3. When you realize that servers in reality cost very little to run, hence the number of free-to-play MMO's you really must be asking yourself, since developement has been covered, or will soon be.

Darkfiber3732d ago

If you think the company actually gets anywhere close to $60 by selling a game at GameStop you clearly know nothing about how business works.

Pandamobile3732d ago

Sony only makes about $8-10 per PS3 and PC version sold at retail.

Digital sales are much more profitable. $50 on Steam translates into $35 for Sony. I bet you can figure out how much they make per unit sold on PSN.

dkgshiz3732d ago

People who buy it obviously are going to subscribe. A smart one you are.

Darkfocus3732d ago

that's not true at all really. look at FF14 and age of conan. lots of people bought it but next to no one actually continued a subscription.

Chris3993732d ago

those games were universal turds. DCUO is not. It's a diamond, a bit rough, but still a diamond among the MMOs released this past decade.

Darkfocus3731d ago

I was replying to his comment not specifically talking about DCUO. It's very possible for someone to buy an MMO and not subscribe..

visualb3732d ago


what doctorstrange said...

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Miiikeyyy3733d ago

well it is such a great game :3

offdawall3733d ago

wow great job sony , make sure u buy a ps3 this year ppl

BX813732d ago

No don't buy one..... Buy 2 so u can play 2 great games at the same time.

vTuro243733d ago

Wow I never thought this game would be such a succes.
Good job Sony.

DanSolo3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Yeah I know what you mean, and I think alot of people had similar concerns, but now its doing well and looks like it could well be a winner, alot more people who were worried about spending money on something that might have just bombed will likely give it a go. So it could end up getting genuinely huge numbers of gamers on board if they handle it right.

Plus as it is a completely different setting from WoW, it definately gives the WoW addicts something different to get into, so it could end up pulling alot of people away from that as well.

On a side note... I really wish that Guild Wars 2 was going to be released on PS3, I enjoyed the first one and GW2 is looking to be massively improved over that. As its subscription free I could see that as being a huge success on PS3... but I know at least for now they have no plans to bring it over.

Motion3732d ago

I'll be playing GW2 on PC, so this doesn't matter to me so much, BUT I could have sworn that they talked about the ps3 version of GW2 during their last quarterly(?) financial discussion.

Graey3732d ago

Hey quick question.

In terms of the full game and the does the game feel. like in terms of polish or added features or anything they should change, etc.

What is your opinion on that?