What Longer Console Lifespans Mean for the Industry

This current generation of game consoles has lasted longer than any in history. What does this mean for the future of gaming consoles and the gaming industry?

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saint_john_paul_ii3733d ago

it means consoles will be pushed to their limits this time, and companies will make some good money before they spend it on new tech for next-gen hardware.

meetajhu3733d ago

It means PC users will continue to get crappy ports forever!

FrankMcSpank3733d ago

How do you make a game on PC, then put it on console, then port it to PC?

LordMarius3733d ago

it means meetajhu will cry moar

Peppino73733d ago

I don't know about current consoles lasting longer. I have a nes, snes, and ps2 in great working condition.

teething3733d ago

This is great for everyone. Gamers save by not getting another console. We get better games as developers refine games.

Developers save costs on making games as they get to know each system better each year.

Sony/ms win because console production costs drop each year.

This is a great run. I suspect the next round of consoles will be announced soon however. Wii will be first as it's sales get chewed into by move and kinect.

R2D23733d ago

It means that dinosaurs will make a come back.

Angels37853733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

The 3 that agree with you are 3 of the most ignorant people on the planet...............yourself included.

DaTruth3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

So, you're saying you don't have to blow in those cartridges?

I never met anyone with an NES in great working condition! Not even in 1988!

Although, no matter how many times it came crashing to the floor off the TV, it would continue to function adequately!

My friend actually bought a new NES, cleaned up my old NES, switched my old NES with the new one and then returned it to the store with broken cartridge door and all! Then he signed the return form M.Bison!

jneul3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

hate to upset your current mood but most games are built/coded and tested on pc first,it's been happening for like 15+ years now and it's never affected pc gaming because the games are toned down afterwards so they run on consoles.
ps3 exclusives however are different they are coded differently specifically around the ps3 architecture and while developers can code their games on a pc, it won't run on a pc.

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etownone3733d ago

I just hope the next Xbox comes out fall 2012.

That would be 7 friggin years already.

Alpha_Gamer3733d ago

I don`t blame you, 360 barely has any exclusive games coming out.

Me, I couldn`t care less about a new generation of consoles, at least for a while. I mean, I still have not even played this generation`s Team ICO game, enough said.

Trytobee13733d ago

I've had my 360 since launch ....
In my opinion, It's better then the ps3.

But to go 7 years with the same game console? I like upgrading every 4-5 ... not 7! and that's hoping it's 7 cause it could be 8 or 9.

There are too many great games coming out this year on the 360 ...
So games aren't the problem.
Just knowing .... they can put out a new Xbox in 2012 with specs that are 4-8 times more powerful then the 360. That's what I want.
8x AA
60 fps
Crysis 1 graphics at the highest settings on a console.

jneul3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

@tryobee1 i fear for people like you who constantly like being shafted over, ps3 lasts longer does for for your money, you upgrade probably every 10 years on the ps platform thus saving your money, xbox will never have the variety of games that ps has, all it has is shooters and on-rails kinect games, and on that note what games are coming to x360 this year that are not coming to ps3 apart from gears 3 lol, my case is rested:-D

ChristianGamer3733d ago

@alpha gamer. Well sony has yet to turn an overall profit with the ps3 so don't you worry, team ico will release 5 games this gen before sony can move over to ps4.
4 years and they have yet to report on the black as far as the games business goes.
They say things might look rosier next financial report though. Lets see

Oh and before somebody posts a link to the article saying ps3 has become profitable, that only meant that they now sell ps3's at a profit, however the whole department as a whole has been gushing money since 06, still a long ways off to turning a profit

Seijoru3733d ago

They started profiting early 2009 dude. Plus sony makes most of its profit from software sales. You also forgot to mention all the money MS has lost from RROD and the warranties they had to implement.

FrankMcSpank3733d ago


Bro, he is a troll man. Don't feed him.

Everyone knows the PS3 is do extremely well. American VGChartz numbers sometimes get 13yo's panties in a twist.

Biggest3733d ago

"Oh and before somebody posts a link"

For some reason I read that as

"Don't worry about showing proof that I am wrong. I don't care. What I say is more factual than any real facts. I love my bubble."

MysticStrummer3733d ago

I thought Christians weren't supposed to lie. *looks at the USA, supposedly a majority Christian nation* Nevermind.

Arksine3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Last time I checked, Christians were human. Any Christian that tells you they don't lie is, well, lying. And the US contains a relatively small percentage of the 2 billion Christians in the world.

BTW, I really doubt "ChristianGamer" is actually a Christian. He is trolling Christianity just like he trolls N4G.

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teething3733d ago

I think you are 100% spot on predicting 2012. Wii will be the furts to upgrade, possibly in fall 2011. Sony wants to hold on the longest... They have a lot of losses to claw back this gen, and ps3 has legs. Ms/nintendo will be agressive and rush sony yet again.

kulex473733d ago

I am giving you a disagree because you spelled the word "first" as "furts"...I was like O M G that's 1 letter off from farts...I read it that way...

teething3733d ago

Kulex... Good call on the furts. A very close call indeed.

Pandamobile3733d ago

It means another 2-3 years of <720p at 30 FPS...

postofficebuddy3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

I wonder if the PS2 will still be around when the next generation starts. That console just refuses to quit.

Mr Tretton3733d ago

I think the release of PSP2 will create the end of PS2 and PSP. There won't be enough shelf space at retailers to keep all this stuff on it and Sony will want people to focus their sights on PS3 and PSP2.

FrankMcSpank3733d ago

PS2 just launched in some countries in South America. Sony says 10 years, they mean it.

Motorola3733d ago

It means the PC gamers dont have to upgrade their graphics until the console lifespan ends. depending on your graphics of course.

WhiteNoise3733d ago

You're kidding yourself.

I have upgraded my GPU 3 times this generation.

2007= 8800gt 512mb

2008= O.C gtx280

2010= gtx480

Just because the consoles have stagnated doesn't mean PC graphics have. Look at GRID racing then Dirt 2, biiiiig difference. There is a huge difference between Crysis and Crysis Warhead even.

Motorola3733d ago

I said depending on your graphics. But because of consoles developers arent producing AMAZING graphics for PC, but just better graphics than a console. GTA 4 mods show this

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