9 Impressive gaming soundtracks from 2010

It’s one of the inevitable facts of life, every January you’re going to get legions of game hobbyists and journalists writing at least one “Top (whatevers) of (whatever last year was)” for just about every conceivable topic.; best graphics, best moments, biggest flops, best dark horses, best anthropomorphic protagonists etc. However there’s one subject that often gets shafted, something that’s so fundamental it’s easy to forget it’s even there until it really isn’t. I speak of course, of that which brings game worlds to life through our ears, the soundtrack.

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anasurimbor3757d ago

Really great list, I agree with every choice.

Guildenstern3757d ago

Thanks! I thought very hard about each.

anasurimbor3757d ago

Good call on Deadly Premonition. Seriously great songs there.

Redempteur3757d ago

I agree with bayonneta ending theme

heaven divide is Awesome .
Blazblue is alright but fit the moment it's played very well .

Didn't try the rest .. i might now

MerkinMax3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

It had some great music. New Alexandria is one of my favorite songs.

Guildenstern3757d ago

Unfortunately I hadn't got around to playing Reach yet, so I didn’t feel it was fair for me to assess it on any level.

dgroundwater3757d ago

Good to see so many inspired choices. Choices like Deadly Premonition and Peace Walker were necessities imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.