Portal 2 The Start Of A New Era In Gaming?

A while ago Gabe Newell the co-founder of Valve promised PlayStation 3 and PC player they would be able to play against each other on Portal 2. Recently Valve has come out to say this is in fact true and will happen via linking players Steam ID with their PSN ID.

Why does the fact PC and PlayStation 3 player may finally be able to play a multiplayer game together actually matter? Well there are a number of reasons that point towards possibly the future of gaming for all gamers.

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easto1a3732d ago

Could be something good too :)

DualConsoleOwner3732d ago

but this new era wont happen on XBL since MS wont allow it.

it's sad that you pay more to get less for XBL.

admiralvic3732d ago

I can see it going either way... but im glad their trying it over saying its iffy.

Darkfiber3732d ago

I don't really think it matters in the end. A player is a player. They will get the same experience playing a multiplayer game with someone on PC or PS3. Sure, the functionality is kinda cool but will it make a difference? Not really.

liveActionLeveler3732d ago

What if someone that only has a PC wants to play with their friend that has a PS3? If this was expanded on to other consoles like PS3-360-PC, then it would be so awesome playing multiplats with friends that own different consoles. Very convenient and helpful.

SuicideShaun3732d ago

I agree. I play all three and I am CONSTANTLY purchasing the same game for more them one console to play with people. I have black ops on ps3 and 360 and I'll be getting crysis 2 on pc and 360 or ps3. Feels bad man...

Pillage053732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Seems fair to the consumer doesn't it that he would only have to pay once for software to run it on any'd be awesome if this was the case but I seriously doubt that would ever become an industry standard. Here's hopin' though.

Edito3732d ago

Not getting updates and patches often makes a difference??? Playing Portal 2 with 360 owners only with no updates ala Team Fortress its better than play with all the stuff???

It make a difference for me PS3 owners will have a fully updated portal...

Kon3732d ago

No. It is just a normal game.

ForzaGT3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

with a breakthrough functionality that is here to stay

@kon Edit: does it matter which console
@vaud ability to play the PC version is quite new to console and a cool addition when you consider the quality of the game involved

Vaud-Villian3732d ago

Shadowrun had PC console cross gaming like 4 years ago. The only thing new here is a cloud based save system on a console. Which honestly has me more excited, why would I want to play vs PC gamers who have a controller edge?

30sec3732d ago

That's the point Kon.

visualb3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

a normal game that you can

a) get on one console and subsequently also instal it on your PC/mac

b) play co-op with console and PC gamers together (@ vaud - unlike shadowrun this will work via steam = unique)

c) introduces STEAM service on a console for the first time

YES it is quite revolutionary.

if you can't see that...sorry, doesn't change the fact that it is quite "new"

+ @ Vaud - Portal 2 will be CO-OP between PC and PS3 users, not VS. so it will be awesome =)

Megaton3732d ago

They need to use this for any MMOs they plan on bringing to consoles. I think having 2 platforms that can play with each other in the same universe greatly increases its chances of survival and longevity. 2 user pools instead of 1.

SuicideShaun3732d ago

To be honest any game that you are playing against each other you will lose to pc. I mean I like controllers as much as the next guy. But with a mouse and keyboard there is so much more possibilities them with a limited button controller.

MysticStrummer3732d ago

PS3 has had mouse and keyboard support since day one, so pointless point is pointless.

SuicideShaun3732d ago

Mystic give me a list of the games you can play it on. All I know is ut3. I can assure you that it's not very many. So before you deem my point as pointless please think about your own.

Pillage053732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I suppose they could add aim-assist to the point where both sides were evenly matched but that wouldn't quit seem fair to pc users. Co-op games seem fine but yeah verses modes would sucks with cross-platform between pc/console. Action/fighting games would be ok I think, just not shooters.

thehitman3732d ago

was like this if DC Universe isnt which I think I heard it isnt it should be. I am a strong believer in keeping MMO community together and division is the worse thing you could do.

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