GameZone Preview: Test Drive Unlimited 2

"With Test Drive Unlimited 2’s release date just around the corner, I was able to hop online to check out the various competitive and even co-operative modes that aim to set themselves apart from other racers."

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MGRogue20173741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

Buying on day one.

It's something that you don't want to miss out on, you know?

SasanovaS19873741d ago

graphics not being even remotely close to the competition? only customization being the color changes? no actual goal of the game other then to drive ur car over an island? add the fact that it wont be compatible with Logitech wheels, and you have something you most likely want to miss out on, you know?

Kon3741d ago

The beta seems ok, but you clearly didn't played it.

creeping judas3741d ago


Just curious as to why you say not compatible with the Logitech wheel. As this would be a console decision for me? I'm not dissing I am just curious where you got the info from?

SasanovaS19873740d ago

well, having a steering wheel compatible with the game is kind of a big deal, and im yet to hear ANYTHING about the support for logitech or any other wheel for that matter. i have the G27 and im enjoying GT5 with it, and i would most likely buy this game just for the sake of driving with my steering wheel also, but assuming it isnt compatible, all other aspects such as weak graphics and other things just seem to stand out more. i cant imagine playing this with the controller...boring