150° - Top 10: Most Pointless Achievements of 2010

Rich from writes "As Xboxer 360’s resident gamerscore whore I thought it was only appropriate that I put together a top 10 of gaming’s most pointless achievement points from 2010’s lineup of games"

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Xbox360PS3AndPC3732d ago

The Most Pointless One Is The Simpsons Game Which Is Press "Start" To Start The Game & You Get 5G

FrankMcSpank3732d ago


Kon3732d ago

In avatar TLA:TBE you can win 1000g in less than 3 mins. In the first minutes of the game

jashmister3732d ago

If i remember it was called "press start to play" another pointless achievement in The Simpsons Game was a 0G for dieing 10 times in a row.

Bathyj3732d ago

My friend and I were talking about Trophies/achievements and how some of them are so silly, its really no achievement at all to get them.

For example, you get one in Portal for picking up the gun for the first time.

2nd time I logged onto LBP2 I got the "One more go" trophy.
And then again I turned it on at two in the morning or something and got the "Who needs breakfast" trophy.