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wazzim3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

This already confirmes that it has better online than the 3DS, Nintendo really has to step up and get an account system to compete.

Anarki3732d ago

WIN! Online gaming on the move! I just cannot wait for this thing to be unveiled.

ThanatosDMC3732d ago

I hope it supports all cellphone service providers especially tmobile since i all ready have unlimited 3G.

BiggCMan3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

3G will be awesome for online gaming. Also, this is still the best design by far for the Psp 2, I would love if it were close to the real thing.

ChrisGTR13732d ago

great, so im going to have to sign this up to a carrier and pay a monthly bill too?

hazardman3732d ago

and that is why Nintendo 3DS will outsell anything that comes out this yr. Nintendo doesn't need to change anything...Sony and MS are the ones playing catch up!!

Spitfire_Riggz3732d ago

Its supports LAN too right? So i can just use my wirelss router instead of 3g. That would be swell

a_bro3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

"and that is why Nintendo 3DS will outsell anything that comes out this yr. Nintendo doesn't need to change anything...Sony and MS are the ones playing catch up!!"

wha? dude, are you serious? Nintendo is the one playing Catch-up here, if this article is true, that means PSP2's have the ability to stay online at all times, as long as you pay a monthly fee with a service provider. on the other hand, you have to go to a nearby wifi hotspot on the 3DS so you can download content.

I think what you are trying to say is that they are just hurting themselves for making the console expensive, which is what we dont know yet. if its $300, and has a great lineup of games, then its going to sell. if its $300+, then it wont do well in the market.

gta28003731d ago

"great, so im going to have to sign this up to a carrier and pay a monthly bill too? "

No, you don't have to. If you want internet and online gaming on the go then you have the choice to sign up to whatever company will offer you 3G. If you don't want to you can just game at home via wifi.

RememberThe3573731d ago

"The system will also have standard wireless LAN, of course."

Read people...

ChickeyCantor3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

" on the other hand, you have to go to a nearby wifi hotspot on the 3DS so you can download content"

You pretend you live in a mansion...where your WIFI enabled router/modem is located miles from your position.

I get the 3G, the benefits and such.
But no thanks. I have a wifi spot near me.
Plus on top of your additional fees you will only have more fees for 3G.

Battery life --

3DS battery with all online features?
Same story, no thanks. I wanna play games and only turn features on, when requested.

HolyOrangeCows3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

"yh but why no 3D"
Who REALLY needs 3D and other bells and whistles on a handheld? I had more fun with the GBA than the PSP and DS put together. Let Nintendo waste their time advertising 3D like SEGA advertised color on their system "ZOMG Sega BrickSystem has color an' gaemboi doesn't! BrickSystem > Gameboi!"

Online gaming on the go would be pretty sweet. I just hope it's within a decent price range and available through several networks.

But for the love of gaming, Sony, don't make it too expensive. All we need are great games (And better controls than PSP/3DS).

"Read people..."
I know, seriously.
"The system will also have standard wireless LAN, of course"

rockleex3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I hope the monthly plans with 3G providers allow you to bring down the initial price of the device itself like what they do with most phones.

That would REALLY help Sony sell the PSP2.

I hope it also supports 4G.

colombiankilla013731d ago

This would be huge!!! you would just have to get a data plan, and just make an skype account to use it as a phone!!

punkpop1013731d ago

Yeah this already proves rumours are better than facts.PSP fanboys at their best.

Kurt Russell3731d ago

3G is a battery drain though, so I hope they raise the bar in that area as well. Most of my battery related contraptions have become awesome, but all of them drain themselves dry way too quickly.

Christopher3731d ago

Not really a big selling point for me. I'm not planning on using my PSP for crappy online play or browsing the Internet. If I play online, it will be via wi-fi for best data transfer rates. And I already own an iPhone that does all the other 3G things I need.

Touch screen is nice, though, meaning we can have a good mixture of game controls. This also means we will likely see a ton of indie games ported over to the PSP2, __IF__ Sony doesn't charge an arm and a leg for a dev kit again.

RedDead3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Oh wow I can't fu**ing believe the hypocrisy, when it's the Ps3 3D = godly mechanic, when PSP2 doesn't have it and 3DS does, it's a unwanted useless feature hahaha

Who really needs 3D at all..? It is a useless bonus feature anyway, but this is just rediculous, fanboys just amaze me sometimes.

3G is much better than 3D imo, but still

darthv723731d ago

It is nice but not a system seller to me. 4G is moving in and this will work fine on both as well as wifi. The GO supported 3G as well but not many knew that. It did it through tethering where by if your phone is 3G and had that feature, you could use the GO on the go through your existing carrier.

By incorporating it in to the PSP2 (rumor) will add to the cost of ownership while being a nice option. It should support tethering as well for users who dont want to incur a new monthly fee. That just makes better economical sense for sony and the consumer.

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sinncross3732d ago

Most definitely!

Sony also just need to give the PSP2 full PSN services, such as voice/ video chat :)

liveActionLeveler3732d ago

Full PSN service with PS3, that way you can message ps3 friends. If I see a friends tab on the PSP2, I would be soooo excited. With 3G, you can message your friends anywhere. I wonder how much it'll cost though.

badz1493732d ago

I know many will LOVE that! I know I am loving the idea already!

TheLastGuardian3732d ago

Yes, I want PSP2 to be just like a PS3 on the go. Trophies, PSN friends, bluetooth headsets and hopefully PSP2 and PS3 users can play games online together.

Spitfire_Riggz3731d ago

That would be a nice way around the "It doesnt support calls" thing

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rrw3732d ago

this will bring price up. i hope sony have choice of non 3g model

galgor3732d ago

Price up & battery down =/

lilmetal3732d ago

@galgor I'd assume they'd have some new battery tech if they'd even attempt most of these rumors.
I wouldn't worry about battery life.

GodHandDee3732d ago

OLED is really good when it comes to power consumption so that's good news on the battery front

AndrewRyan3732d ago

3G kills the battery. Hopefully an option to turn 3G off.

Ju3732d ago

3G kills battery live - like with all those cell phones, huh?

Biggest3732d ago

Um, yes? It does kill the battery on cell phones.

Ju3732d ago

LOL. I would say compared what WiFi and gpu/cpu (in full cycles) use in a gaming (!) handheld, 3G is negligible. A phone with 3G runs days. If there's something what kills the battery it's really display and GPU.

Lord_Doggington3731d ago

uh, 3G is a feature that can be turned off if you really want to...just like WiFi

I wonder how they're going to link it to a data plan...subscription?

also: "The service will not allow for phone calls."

We'll see how long this lasts. Go Geohot go!

nycredude3731d ago

3g doesn't kill the battery. WIFI kills it way more.

If this works with your current cell phone plan this would be the shit! All the cell carriers already have 3g so if you don't need to pay an extra fee for online this would rock!

Ryudo3731d ago


Difference is we can't very well turn off the CPU/GPU or screen and expect to be able to game...

Common sense anyone?

Ju3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

@Ryudo, yes exactly. So, those 0.5% more drain won't make a dent in the battery live time.

And, well, I hope it'll just have a SIM slot and is unlocked. You can go and buy a SIM with dataplan where ever you like. I would hope those companies would get forced to support an open network once an for all. Someone needs to sue them all for the benefits of the customers.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Who said there it is not 3D on PSP 2 when Sony is pushing the 3D in a lot of devices lately (even a Sony Camera have it) especially for gaming.

CrzyFooL3732d ago

Ummm 4G is like becoming standard. Make it 4G pleaz!

silvacrest3732d ago

4g isnt even available throughout the US, nevermind the rest of the world, 3G will do for now and it will probably keep the cost slightly lower

poopsack3732d ago

Plus the 4G you consider a "standard" isnt even real 4G. Real 4G speeds are far off.

RBdrift3732d ago

4G also drains power fast.I keep my evo on 4G only when attached to a power source.

jwk943732d ago

Hold up, this has to be false, if it has 3g, then what the hell if the point in the xsperia?

Rumor3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )


silvacrest3732d ago

plus no android OS and its apps

although, whatever OS the PSP2 uses could be just as good

jwk943732d ago

You can make calls with skype, which kinda defeats the purpose of the phone, also if this thing gets hacked and you can run shit off the sd card or whatever, then you can load the android OS on it.
Either way, this'll be interesting.

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Misterhbk3732d ago

You gotta wonder who the US provider would be though.

AT&T or Verizon?

mindedone3732d ago

definitely not Verizon, only places that really use CDMA are the United States and South Korea.

gamingdroid3732d ago

You gotta wonder who is willing to pay yet another fee to enjoy their PSP2 wirelessly.

PSP2 should have been a phone derivate, at least then I don't have to fork out a fee to get wireless internet as I already pay that fee.

The 3G feature is likely to be unused, unless Sony got some great low price data plans available for us, US consumers.

StbI9903732d ago

Put 3D directly to ur ;ss dud...why not 4G tho.

meetajhu3732d ago

The beast i'm waiting for will be unleashed on Jan 27th!

lil Titan3732d ago

all i want to know now is, how much is it going to be monthly?

N4g_null3732d ago

Guess you guys don't know what a 3G mobile hot spot is? It's 3G and there are models that let you connect multiple devices.

Great move though should help against piracy if you get banned you would have to pay the early term fees sweet.

ChineseDemocracy3732d ago

Can they this confirm this thing already?

R2D23732d ago

I hope Sony keep dragging the Geohotz case way after the PSP2 is released. I don't want that pirate hacking this system.

Lord_Doggington3731d ago

uh, i hope they decide to go w/ 4G...

nsnsmj3731d ago

Yes, it will be awesome, but I hope they also have a non 3G wifi only version. That way I could use my phone as a hotspot and not need another contract just for the PSP2.

pain777pas3731d ago

If they release this thing for $250 Nintendo is in trouble. Getting both but PSP2 will probably have games that I want to play. 3DS does have a good lineup OOT will be mine but I like Sony products. Open your mouth soon Sony. We want to hear it!

caliman873731d ago

4G LTE would be wiser 3g is so 2010

bumnut3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Have you tried online gaming over 3G ? its not very good, too much lag and the variable signal strength means an inconsistant connection.

Would be fine for downloading updates and uploading high scores though

WhittO3731d ago

I will stick with Wifi, guessing the 3G Models will be more expensive like on the iPad.

As for the Cell processor being used :O, that is going to own!
They will under clock it so it uses less power and less heat but is still really powerful enough to pump out amazing graphics!

The ONLY thing that concerns me is battery life, I hope it lasts a while and doesn't burn out quick with all the features.

Also, anyone think PSN might get a facelift on both PS3 and PSP to go along with the new design? So they work better together etc? with trophies.. :)

showtimefolks3731d ago

2 analog sticks and it can produce better precessing speed/graphics

i am sold its that simple the worst thing for me about psp was one analog stick i know most devs made that work fine but it was just not the same as having 2 sticks

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Joni-Ice3732d ago

The 27th cant come fast enough.

liveActionLeveler3732d ago

OLED touch screen? I thought there was only a touch pad, hmm? I hope this isn't some random bs info. There are so man random details I've heard for the PSP2. It's starting to get fishy.

Kamikaze1353732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Hell no....if it has 3G support then it's automatically better than the 3DS. Being able to play online on the bus? Plus with 3G being better than wifi from my experience, it'll be a great experience :)