Insane Deal: Mass Effect 2 for £7.99

Gamersmint writes : UK retailer, Argos are offering you a deal which is hard to resist.

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cyborg3741d ago

but this is a great deal. As cheap as it gets for the Xbox 360. Anyone who's been holding out should jump at this.

psb3741d ago

but I have to admit, it's a steal at this price

FrankMcSpank3741d ago


Since you own it, it would make for a great Groundhogs Day gift to someone.

ArcFatalix3741d ago

I need all the dlc though

NYC_Gamer3741d ago

all of that can be brought for real cheap

Kon3741d ago

DLC are cheap. No problem there

RankFTW3741d ago

Good deal, but I just bought the PS3 version so I'll stick with that.

ChrisPriestman3741d ago

Great deal! Though £5.95 delivery is a rip off. Just pick it up in store I guess ;)

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