Final Promise Story Has 400 Hours of Gameplay

From Andriasang: "Mikage Tweeted earlier today about the amount of work that's going into debugging. It takes over 50 hours to clear the game, said Mikage. However, the game has multiple endings and characters, so your full play time could be much longer. Going through all routes will take you 400 hours."

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sinncross3736d ago



The story and battle system better be good then!

SasanovaS19873736d ago

50 hours of story mode...and then replayable different endings...countless other games have done this. just to put it into a perspective, im pretty sure tactics orge had over 20 different endings, and im pretty sure it took way longer then 20 hours to complete 1 story mode, figuring it was easily over 400 hours overall...

laaakokaracha3735d ago

Western release date is far more away than 400 days ;(

Otheros003736d ago

Damn!! That's a lot more than every rpg released so far.

Darkfocus3736d ago

approximately 50 to clear it it says that if you want to see all the alternate endings it'll take 400 so the number is really exaggerated

Kalowest3736d ago

More like 400hrs of GRINDING.

rrw3736d ago

never play nippon ichi game? that been design solely to make you character look awesome (lv9999, 100000000 attack, 999999999999999 damage, etc, yes it literally possible if you grinding enough)

xXRukasuXx3736d ago

RPGs and JRPGs only last as long as 'You' want them to. The game does look nice though.

Kon3736d ago

That has to be a balance there. I like long games, but this is absurd.

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The story is too old to be commented.