Angry Birds Using Kinect & Ipod Touch

TheTVTaster has created this hack where he is seen playing Angry Birds using Kinect & Ipod Touch.Looks like awesome fun.

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IaMs123737d ago

Haha his reaction is priceless.
But thats pretty awesome, i love how people are modding/hacking the kinect for other uses on the PC. Wish it was available to do on the 360 though

ExplosionSauce3737d ago

Honestly, it looks a little less fun and a little more work...

BiggCMan3736d ago

I thought he was gonna slingshot himself into the t.v pr something, that would have been more amusing haha. I like angry birds though, its a good game.

Kran3737d ago

When Angry Birds is released on XBLA, Kinect for Angry Birds would be awesome :D

DERKADER3736d ago

Yeah it's definitely one game I see working really well with Kinect.

despair3737d ago

looks like he just emulated the mouse on kinect so it worked like that not directly on the game.

Fishy Fingers3737d ago

Is it just his recording/capture making everything so jerky? Pretty cool though, much like the rest of the mouse emulation hacks. Need to work on making it smoother though.

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The story is too old to be commented.