Super Meat Boy Russian Box Art Would Make Stalin Proud

RipTen: "A glorious day comrades!! The final box art has been chosen for the Russian retail version of Super Meat Boy!!"

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greeneggsnsam3362d ago

It's not as good as the Western one by the Magic the Gathering artist but it's still pretty cool.

Hitman07693362d ago

viva comunism!!!!!! (not)

i still gotta get this game....... :O

writersblock3362d ago

Viva la socialist democracy! :P

HolyOrangeCows3362d ago

LOL, "social democracy"

Viva la idioms!

Kreyg3362d ago

I must admit, this is really badass.

Ducky3362d ago

... No russian dancing men in the background.

anasurimbor3362d ago

Haha that's awesome. For great glory

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