Are computer games really more addictive than drugs?

Is playing computer games as addictive as cocaine, crack, or heroin? That largely depends on which newspaper you buy. To The Sun, the addiction is like crack, to the Daily Mail it's more like smack.

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mikel1233732d ago

In the title, you're missing the word after 'More'

kharma453732d ago

Fixed now, was a problem on their end when I was copying and pasting the title, didn't even notice.

Cheers for the heads up, although it'd have been better to stick that in the reports rather than the comments section.

Thanks none-the-less though.

R2D23732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

No but porn is.

LOL @ the disagrees - your a worst liar than Bill Clinton if disagree to that statement.

Commander_TK3732d ago

Work on your grammar and spelling.

DarkFantasy3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

God Damn it! man!! i'm a scientist,Not a english teacher! now inject this man with science. delicious science!!!.-turns Commander_TK into a zombie- AHAHAHA!!!! grammar nazi zombie >:)

Dragon_Hiko3732d ago

Well...I do love some prwn but. If you go to a crack addict, and offer him sex (not porn, but sex) or crack...he will take crack. If you go to a sex addict and force him to smoke crack for a week, and then offer him a choice, odds are he will then take the crack.

cyberwaffles3732d ago

who ever wrote this article obviously has never done illicit drugs or gone through a chemical addiction.

i mean there's no denying that games can be heavily addictive and may interfere with a person's personality, behaviour, priorities, and other things, but at least there are no destructive physical withdrawals that drugs like coke or heroin may impose.

i'd rather the writer say that gaming can be habit forming similar to marijuana use. just like with weed and gaming, you may have minor withdrawals when not experiencing the "high," if you will, such as irritability or anxiety (for example: i played kz2 constantly on release and literally played online for two days straight. when i wasn't playing, i was just fantasizing the next time i played it again) and yes, it can take over and may dictate your lifestyle; but at the same time, there is no direct chemical addition to the human body that could ever make gaming an addiction on par with hard drug use.

if you want to see real addiction, just talk to people who abuse pcp/opiates/meth/cocaine/MDMA/ etc. hell you could include alcohol or nicotine for that matter, just as bad. all are proven physically addictive and toxic for the human body. pcp and meth has the highest pontential of developing permanent brain damage and nuerological disorders such as schizophrenia or dementia. i'm sure no matter how much of a gaming "addict" you are, you're most likely not going to develop psychosis from it.

sorry if i'm coming off overly negative, but seeing that i'm still a recovering addict and have gone through a psychological hell with drugs in the past, its almost a slap in the face to see an article try to equate gaming to drug addiction. it is no where as bad or as hellacious.

don't do drugs.

Optical_Matrix3732d ago

Never tried drugs before so I can't say. But I don't see why it matters. It's possible to get addicted to a lot of things. Most hobbies hold that possibility. So I don't know why gaming gets singled out.

MAJ0R3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

it's because the mainstream media makes it sound like games fry ppls brains and brainwash kids into violence

MGRogue20173732d ago

Video games is the way to go.

Drugs are for pussies.

AliTheBrit4203732d ago

Except weed, weed is awesome

Besides everything is a damn drug, unless you never drink, or smoke, or take painkillers, or drink anything with caffeine in it, stfu.

DarkFantasy3732d ago

weed is good for headaches,better then painkillers.. ahh drugs and alcohol the cause and solution to all lifes problems.

cyberwaffles3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

"Drugs are for pussies"

have gotten a lot of pussy from drugs. sorry, but some chicks get the jollies when smoking a fat spliff with a 40 listening to good jams.

EDIT: @DarkFantasy

i have found celebrex to be the best pain killer for headaches. unlike vicodin/percocetes/oxy or whatever, it doesn't get you high or have any physical properties to make you addicted.

if anyone suffers from excessive migraines, i would suggest celebrex. the best non-narcotic pain killer i've come across.

also dextromethorphan is pretty good but thats a different story.

mrv3213732d ago

Depends on the drug... but unless your drugs the answer is no.

Commander_TK3732d ago

"Drugs r bad. U shouldn't do drugs. If u do them, you're bad, because drugs r bad, mkay. It's a bad thing to do drugs, so don't be bad by doing drugs, mkay. That'd be bad, cause drugs r bad, mkay."

Except weed.

Seferoth753732d ago

Weed isnt a drug, it's an herb.

Drugs are manufactured. Weed grows naturally.

mrv3213732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I believe a drug is a mere chemical, doesn't have to be manafactured, helps if it is. Couldn't one class Alcohol as a drug and that's a simple yeast reaction in a anaeorbic enviroment requiring it to turn pyruvate, into Ethanal, then after adding a hydrogem atom fron NAD you get your alcohol.

AT the same time you could put forth the argument that it is manafactured by the highly specialized plant. Weed for example produces THC (?) I know penecilium can produce a secondary metabolite to aid growth in a interspecies competitive enviroment.

cyberwaffles3732d ago


drugs don't have to be synthesized to be considered drugs. shrooms, DMT, weed, and many other natural elements in nature still get you high and give off the same effect as any other drug.

Seferoth753732d ago

Drugs have often been modeled after natural elements. We had natural pain relievers long before we had drugs that imitated their effect on us.
I don't know what DMT is right off the top of my head but Shrooms are a type of Fungus, not a drug. Weed is an herb not a drug.

Your argument is more based off of ignorance of what Marijuana and Mushrooms really are in the eyes of the general public than any facts on either.

cyberwaffles3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

maybe so, but even then, coke is derived from the coca plant which doesn't necessarily need to be concocted to produce its high.

i don't know, maybe i'm just against the idea that just because its natural it doesn't mean it can't produce a high as strong, or in many cases, stronger than some pharmacueticals. i'll lean towards your answer however, you're right.


also, i don't see how labeling weed just an herb or shrooms just a fungus negates the point they're drugs. you're still consuming psychoactive chemicals to produce a high. chemicals is the key word; not the actual state of form the chemical is. doesn't matter if its fungus, liquid, powder, capsules, gelatin, herb/plant, or intravenous injection.

trains3732d ago

what if they're prescripted?

HellzAssassin3732d ago

They're still drugs. And you're not addicted to prescripted drugs unless you choose to, just like any other drug.

seinfan3732d ago

With some drugs, certain chemical reactions are produced in the brain that will make the individual feel like shit unless they continue doing it. i.e. heroin

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