What can be better in FIFA 12?

LusoGamer: Electronic Arts is already committed to make your football simulator, the best ever. Despite the margin, be much smaller than in other projects ... year after year, we have been witnessing a gradual evolution in all respects, to the point where the players were wondering if there was even something that EA could do better. What is certain is that there's always a loose end, some aspect that could be done. And so, Electronic Arts was happy to divulge some of the improvements you want to include in FIFA 12, and we'll see at the end of this year.

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farhad2k83741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

How about some real fucking AI!
When ever the ball is loose and an opponent is around 20 yards away, but my team mate (controlled by computer) is 10 yards away,the opponent seams to always get the ball, because my team mate thinks the ball is on another planet!

Give the AI some urge to actually get the ball! And when the fucking goalkeeper makes 3 brilliant saves in a row, dont make the commentator say "Ohhhhhhh". How fucking stale is that, how about a "WOAHH! Now that was Astonishing!!".

You need to change the little things if you want to hold that crown against Pro Evo.

LusoGamer3741d ago

There is a small paragraph that talks about artificial intelligence, but not in that sense.

cstyle3741d ago

They need to make it so all AI teams dont play the same. For gods sake lets see some proper back passes and a coach mode... The pace of the game needs to reflect the score.If a team is up 2 goals they should be playing some sort of keep away offense when its late in the game.I feel like each game you play in fifa is the same against the AI. Talk more about individual players and how they performed last game or something like that. I really wish that 2k games would make a soccer game. They can show EA a thing or two about presenting a game.

LusoGamer3741d ago

Yes, you're right. At certain points of the game, the AI can be very frustrating.