PlayStation 3: 10 Franchises/Games That Need To Come Back From Hibernation

GB: "One of the reasons why Sony sold over 100 million PlayStation 2 consoles was its stunning library of games. With thousands of games released in those ten years, the PlayStation 2 was untouchable by any other competition back then. Today we take a look at ten such franchises which saw release on the PS2, but for some odd reason never happened on the PlayStation 3. We hope that we will see these great games at some point during the PlayStation 3 life cycle.

We have not listed games like Syphon Filter, Onimuhsa etc because they have been listed too often by many other publications.

Also please note the games below might not necessarily mean exclusive to the PlayStation 3."

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crystalnova20043738d ago

It's a shame how many great franchises just seem to loose momentum and die out, meanwhile we get a new FIFA and a new CoD game every year without fail. We definitely need to see the dark cloud franchise carry on as Dark Chronicle was one of the most creative games I've ever seen. A new Tenchu would be nice as well

morganfell3738d ago

I really want to see a remake of Fear Effect. That and even the sequel were such great titles. As long as they don't allow it to degenerate into a simple mindless shooter.

jadenkorri3737d ago

what about crono trigger and legend of dragoon sequels

Theonetheonly3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I bought a ps3 For gran turismo. after hating the playa for so long.

like the idea of gaming made easy.

very good

not as good as pc

but still the best you can get without earning a PHD in computer science.

I admit it.


Very GOOD.

dont hate the playa hate the game.

Kurt Russell3737d ago

Agreed, I am trying to steer clear of shooters for a while, I want to playmore involving games. I loved the Soul Reaver games, but having played through them all I felt the series ended well without leaving too many holes - if they were to bring it back I think it would cheapen what they had :(

lil Titan3738d ago

I've been saying they need to bring back the Soul Reaver series along with Tenchu

beavis4play3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

a TERRIBLE list -

any list like this HAS to have syphon filter, onimusha, and jak and daxter on it.

ChrisGTR13738d ago

how about jet moto 4, parapa the rapper
and most important of all playstation underground subscription lol.

kewlkat0073737d ago

"playstation underground subscription lol" just classic. I remember getting those in the mail and playing the demos.Those were the days.

Below: Syphon Filter was the the right hands that game would own.

Ok I'm a jrpg junkie..Breath of Fire, Tactics Ogre, Legend of Legaia, Legend of Mana, Alundra.

starcb263737d ago

All me and my friend use to do was play the Rachet and Clank Up Your Arsenal demo thanks to PSU.

ChrisGTR13737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

holy shit you played legend of legaia. dude i LOVE that game, best RPG ever. well its one of the only ones i played on ps1, i remember playing it at a kiosk at bestbuy and i was there for like 2 hours(probably more) playing the game lol. made it all the way to the girl character and just fell in love with the game. saved up some money and bought it. back then i was a kid so i didnt have money but that game was one of the few games i bought.that SOL city was so awesome i bet i spend 10+ hours of gameplay just doing the fighting competitions and arcade games.

all i really could afford back then was demos so i was always getting the jampack demos and OPM for the demo disks.

Daver3737d ago

I would buy a new Okami

dboyman3737d ago

I too will definitely would buy a new Okami for the PS3 using Move controller :)

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smurfz3738d ago

Where the F****K is Syphon filter?!

blitz06233738d ago

Ever head of The Last Guardian?

TheLastGuardian3737d ago

I think he meant a SotC 2 but it's way too soon to be thinking about that. SotC has only been out for 5 years.

I want Sly 4, Jet Moto 4 and a Crash Bandicoot reboot that's like the originals.

Shubhankar3738d ago

Syphone Filter!? And @Assassin Nawabi, SOTC isn't a franchise.

mrv3213738d ago

I suppose one COULD call ICO a franchise but in the loosest sense of the word.

despair3738d ago

and there is The Last Guardian that continues the excellent games from Team ICO.

Dante1123738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Bust a Groove, Brave Fencer Musashi, Tomba, Jet Moto.

Edit: Took them off. Still got my top four up. It's weird how not many people remember Bust a Groove though. That game was the bomb.