Core Portal 2 game is the same “whether you buy it on PS3 or 360″, says Valve

Valve’s Chet Faliszek has said this Portal 2 on PS3 was the first 100 percent internally created product for the firm, because it had external help with The Orange Box on the platform.

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Dante1123732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Cool, we don't need anymore "Mass Effect 2" madness going around here again (who's version is gimped). I'm still gonna pick up the ps3 version for the cross platform and free pc version though.

Kamikaze1353732d ago

Same here. Feels good knowing I can switch between the PS3 and PC version by only getting one version of the game.

Washington-Capitals3732d ago

How do you suppose you get the game for free on PC? The steam "key" enables cross platform play not a free download of the PC version.

So you people hate piracy on PS3 but its ok on PC?

krouse933732d ago

@ Washington

No it does give you a PC version for free when you buy the PS3 version.

Here's an article explaining just that.

thehitman3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

it actually does enable free PC version when u get the PS3 version.

Edit: gold beat me to it.

siyrobbo3732d ago

"those who purchase Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3 may unlock a Steam Play (PC & Mac) copy of Portal 2 at no additional cost by linking their PSN and Steam accounts"

farhad2k83732d ago

@ Washington

Downloading the game by torrent is pirating, not retaining it for free.
I'm pretty sure 3 quarters of the PS3 pirates downloaded this game via torrent anyway LOL

One day, these pirates will pay for what they have done to us, mark my words.

Kamikaze1353732d ago


What does this have to do with piracy?

IaMs123732d ago

My friend and i were wondering about this because, if the accounts are linked, would you still need to run the PS3 lol. Ive got both, and would very much rather buy PS3 version and get 2 for 1. But my also concern is say im playing on PC can a friend play on my PS3 and we can play together?

gamesR4fun3732d ago

But my also concern is say im playing on PC can a friend play on my PS3 and we can play together?

yep as long as hes playing on his own account
no doubt a great deal for all XD

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morganfell3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I agree though this is an odd time for people to wave off on the core debate. Let's see how long this argument holds and in what light people will do a 180.

Consider the fact that certain companies base their marketing on DLC for multiplatform titles rather than a large number of internal studios providing exclusivity. In their approach the core of the title itself is supposedly not enough without additional features.

The very idea that the core is enough effectively torpedoes 80% of one company's entire approach to marketing.

RBLAZE19883732d ago

Well said...I guess some people agree with something when it benefits them but when it doesn't they jump on the other side of the fence.

visualb3732d ago

PS3 version here

but unlike some ******** here, Im happy 360 only owners will be able to enjoy the experience as much as I and other PS3 owners.

Kamikaze1353732d ago


No, your Steam and PS3 account will be linked. This means that if you're playing Portal 2 on your PS3, you can't play Portal 2 on your PC at the same time.

gamesR4fun3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

if their on the same account

but lets say my good bud "pc gamer elitist" buys the ps3 version and gives me the disk
logs into his steam account n starts playing on his pc. While i log into my own psn/steam account n join him for some valve bliss.

Kamikaze1353731d ago

No, because since it's linked to your Steam account, it gives you access to Steamworks (friend list, etc), so you'll need to be logged onto Steam to play online. Unless you plan on playing only offline.

hassi943731d ago

I don't think so kamikaze, they aren't going to force people to only have 1 account linked to each game on PS3, what about people who share a PS3 with their siblings etc? It's not fair only one of them gets to play online, that would blow.

hennessey863732d ago

id rather play fps on 360 because of the controller

Denethor_II3732d ago

The 360's analogue stick is too stiff for precise aiming for me.

Core games are the same, as well they should be.

gamerzBEreal173732d ago

can i play the PC version on my HP? its not built for gaming but can i? lol

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tdogchristy903732d ago

My main console is still my 360. However this is the first ever game where I'll be picking up both the 360 and ps3 version. This game is just that good and with the steam on ps3 its a win.

saint_john_paul_ii3732d ago

you get protal 2 for PC/mac if you pick up the PS3 version as well.

Muitnorts3732d ago

I have to ask though, why bother buying it twice? Surely it makes sense just to buy the best version. Buying both seems... wasteful in a year with so much to buy.

evrfighter3732d ago

I own 3 copies of bc2 and 3 copies of black-ops (which i stopped playing after week 1, ya ouch)

He has his reasons as do I. Why do you HAVE to ask?

RBLAZE19883732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

It's his business if he wants to buy 2 copies of the game. Might as well not even bother asking him why, he has his reasons...maybe he has more friends on 360 and wants to get the ps3 version for steamworks, cross platform play, cross game chat (within steam) and the free pc version.

Raoh3732d ago

as it should be, take notes ms and sony and epic and everyone else..

the core game should be the same on all platforms. each platform should just take advantage of their features

open network, xbl cross chat, pc mods, etc etc dont care.. but the core game should be the same at all times for all releases...

R_aVe_N3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I am confused on what you are talking about MS and Sony don't make multiplatform games so why would they need to worry about the core game being the same. If anybody multiplatoform devs should pay attention to this. Even then the core game is the same just DLC and Bonus Content are different...

Raoh3732d ago

what i mean is instead of trying to fragment content with exclusive demos, uniforms and characters, utilize exclusive features..

if the games are the same across the board the the features will speak to the customers and they will pick up the one that has the features they want.

unreal tournament 3 had pc transferable mods to the ps3.. a feature that would probaly be cheaper than exclusive content and could separate itself from a 360 version of the same game.

fr0sty3732d ago

cross platform chat on ps3/PC now... at least for this one game. however, I wouldn't be surprised to see Sony begin to exploit this ability.

RBLAZE19883732d ago

I agree totally and i'm really annoyed at all the multiplatform exclusive content bs that's going on at the moment

wu-stix3732d ago

Yeah the core game is the same but you get PC/Mac/PS3 for the same price as the 360 version alone. Kind of a no brainer.

RBLAZE19883732d ago

Yea the core game is the same but the ps3 version and pc version will get updated more frequently and at the same time while the 360 won't get AS many updates. That's why steamworks is there on the ps3

The real killer3732d ago

Goh, if we don't know that Multiplat always the same.
What a stupid articler anyway.

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