Final Fantasy Versus XIII Main Character's Outlook

Andriasang: Our hero is a pessimist.

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Optical_Matrix3731d ago

What a joke of an article. It's barely a paragraph

Eamon3730d ago

I think it's because the only new info from JUMP magazine was barely a sentence long.

Zimmerman3730d ago

Sometimes there isn't much to a piece of news that interests everyone.

Opinions make up the bulk of most articles. IMHO sometimes we are better off with just the facts.

That's all this is. The author didn't feel the need to tell us what he thought, thereby leaving that type of thinking up to us.

I appreciate the brevity myself. Makes things easier.

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FrankMcSpank3730d ago

This feels more down to earth and less sci-fi than FFXIII. Can some one connect the story for me.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

There is a good info in Wikipedia.

Eamon3730d ago

"It's a fantasy based on reality."

I like this new modern noir-ish approach that FFvs13 is taking.

I don't think there's been a modern FF game before. Final Fantasy has only been Olden, Steampunk or Cyberpunk really.

SnakeMustDie3730d ago

Noctis is cocky judging from the new trailer. He's not as emo as Cloud.

Pozzle3730d ago

More like Squall.

Cloud was a pretty fun guy in the original game. I wish more people would remember that and not his AC/kH self ;_;

Eamon3730d ago

Ha, I keep mentioning this.

Cloud was not emo at all in FF7. They changed made him emo in Advent Children.

iamtehpwn3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Noctis is nothing like Squall. Noctis is arrogant. I recall Squall being uncertain of himself.

Seijoru3730d ago

I don't understand your disagrees, Cloud was the shit in 7 and he was only really emo in advent children because he was mortally ill and still had PTSD.

Pozzle3730d ago

@ iamtehpwn: I didn't mean Noctis was like Squall. I meant Squall was more "emo" than Cloud.

It's disappointing to hear fans refer to Cloud as "emo" because he was so depressing in AC and KH. Especially considering he was a pretty talkative and fun guy in FFVII. I can't imagine AC/KH Cloud saying dopey things like "Lets mosey" and "this fire will turn is into crispy critters!"

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RBLAZE19883730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

At seijoru, People tend to just go around and label cloud as being an "emo" (I hate that word and the fact that society overuses it for every single character feeling a sad nobody in the world ever feels sad or goes through something that makes them want to give up) because halfway through the game he gives up on himself since he figures out he's someone elses puppet and his life is sort of meaningless up to that point. People love using that word because it's the popular thing now and it has pretty much become a stupid f'in pop culture reference. But Cloud had so many dimensions to well as squall. He was not "emo" He lost his parents at a young age and everyone he loved got moved to different parts of the world. He was basically abandoned as a kid and if you ever meet someone that has ever been through something like that there is a likely chance that they are messed up emotionally. Some people just never understood how much depth that FF characters have, or didn't want to understand, and that leads to people hating these games because they're not cocky bad ass types you'd find in an fps or something and they don't want to take the time to really figure the story out and learn about the characters.

Ps_alm3k3730d ago


emo = emotional

who here is not emotional?

they only show those fps character in the span of 1 week, from beginning to the end of the game. So they are portrait as non emotional badass. The FF have backstory and tragedy that occur through out the weeks and months of their adventure. So therefore squall and them acts as such, or when someone dies etc...

BUt i think the latter is just that, people are tired of maybe the same character like characters? idk...

RBLAZE19883730d ago

Yea but when was the last time we had that kind of character in a ff game? Or jrpg in general for that matter? I think everyone is still latching on the "cloud is emo lets make fun of all characters that are darker than usual" bandwagon. Anyway, a dark, disillusioned type of character will usually be deeper and more interesting, in my opinion anyway

Lamarthedancer3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I don't know why but when you first see Noctis and Stella in the trailer it reminds me of the first time Squall saw Rinoa in the white dress at the Garden party.

theusedfake3730d ago

tbh that's the first thing i thought of as well

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