StrengthGamer: DC Universe Online Strategy Guide

StrengthGamer writes "That's what this guide is for. Below you will find the description of nearly every aspect of the game. Keep in mind that it's going to be constantly updated, including where to find hidden objects and even rare costumes."

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AvidGamerrrr2918d ago

Nice definitions in there. I just wish I knew the respawn times of all the powers so I could time there more correctly.

WutPleaze2917d ago

I hope they add which powers one should use if they want to be a tank, healer, leader, etc...

yog-sothot2917d ago

personnally, I'd rather see a MMO game without any "best" set of skills for a given class. This way, it would be all about creativity, each player would develop the character they want to play and not the most optimized

The next step would be to have a game without those usual roles (healer, tank...) but this might be impossible

mightyboot2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Its really a shame that isnt a free MMO and paying 60$ for 180 days is really not acceptable for the budget console gamer.

Will 'The Agency' be free?

WutPleaze2917d ago

it's an MMO- they all cost a fee. You can literally play this game for the rest of the year, with new content every month. It's worth the money considering you will most likely pay for another game for $60 anyway within 180 days...

mightyboot2917d ago

Yeah i guess im just not that kinda guy that sticks around to much in 1 single game.