Turtle Beach: The 1up In Gaming

I was new to the Xbox 360 a few years back. I started playing shooters like Gears of War and Halo 3, as I began to really get myself involved into the Xbox live community. I became pretty decent at both games, definitely being able to hold my own. A few months later I began getting involved in the Call of Duty scene playing a lot of the World at War multi-player. While in these matches I used to hear a few of my online buddies talking about the headsets that they just picked up that were really enhancing their game play experiences. They were talking about the Turtle Beach headsets.

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maawdawg3737d ago

I just snagged a set of TB X11s for $42 shipped off of Amazon last week. I am really impressed with them. The reason I ended up picking that model is the fact that I can use it on my PC and the 360. I highly recommend them, at $40-50 online they are light years ahead of the cheap $20-30 sets at the big box stores.

asdlfkj3498as3736d ago

we carry the x11's at target for i think 65... and the x45s? for ps3 too.

Mista T3736d ago

Yeah I got the x11 a couple weeks ago. really good headset. I use it for my xbox and pc

duplissi3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

gaming headsets in general are awesome.

i have a pair of tritton ax pros and they have true surround from 8 discrete speakers so i can hear where EVERYTHING comes from its awesome!!! (gives me a MASSIVE ADVANTAGE even to other headset wearing players because almost all other headsets use simulated surround from 2 speakers..) 170 bucks though

i wouldnt get any other sets from tritton though, they seem to be a one trick pony.

BigKev453736d ago

I got the x11 headset as well. Great headset.

Omar913736d ago

i have px21 i think its called and i am so happy i bought this. I do not play any game without my headset and im excited to play dead space 2 with it. the sound is amazing and you really get into the atmosphere.

Mr4023736d ago

Don't snooze on the Astro 5.8 wireless mixamp. Astro's headsets like the A40's and A30's are good cans but are generally overpriced. It's the Mixamp which is the true tech that shines. Takes any stereo headset and turns them into 7.1 matrix surround. I too own the Tritton AX pros and can honestly say that two high quality speakers with simulated surround blows Trittons 8 dedicated speakers away. Pair that mixamp with a pair of Senheisser 595's or Audio Technica AD700's and you will be blown away. Total price around 200 dollars but for a wireless system there is none better.

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