CVG: Dead Space 2: The scariest console game yet?

CVG: The horror, the horror. Roughly an hour into our latest playtest of Dead Space 2 and we're in bad shape.

Emotionally frazzled, even the slightest movement on the periphery of our vision results in a burst of fire rattling off into the shadows.

The necromorphs attack intermittently, but the fear never leaves us. Yes, the scare factor, the original game's greatest strength, is undiminished despite a new emphasis on action and multiplayer.

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gravemaker3741d ago

beat it already, not scary.

Jio3741d ago

You sure your talking about the right game?

gravemaker3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

of course im sure, you can check my GT SkeletonBrook, already got 850/1000
i like this game its so fun, but scary? no it is not, im not a 7 year old to shit my pants because of some creepy necromorphs

Jio3741d ago

I admit, the fear factor is limited because of how linear it is. Though, I dont know what scares you, it could just be that alien fungus taking over the bodies of decomposed humans and turning them into monsters just isnt scaring some people anymore


I want to play this with a Surround Sound.

Darkfiber3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I'm sure it's not scary. The first one wasn't. Console developers don't know how to create fear in games, they only know how to resort to cheap "shock" tactics, like a monster that looks dead on the ground jumping up at you when you walk near it. That isn't fear. I would be startled if my cat did that.

Not to mention the fact that a game can't be scary when you are armed to the teeth. Oh no, it's an alien, but I've got a huge plasma gun and an assault rifle in my pocket that will kill it in 2 seconds, OMG SO SCARY. It's an action game/shooter with overtones of horror, meaning it's still an action game that just happens to take place somewhere where the atmosphere is meant to be scary. That doesn't make it a horror game any more than Fallout 3 is a horror game when you go in the creepy subway tunnels and fight feral ghouls.

MerkinMax3741d ago

How did you obtain it already?

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Solidus187-SCMilk3741d ago

I just want to play it on the hardest mode so that I really have to try to SURVIVE.

trains3741d ago

resident evil 2 and 3 were scary dead space is just about an engineer who has too much testosterone to be scary

Sevir043741d ago

I cant wait to play it. the first had me on edge! hella scary! and the second looks to do the same! cant wait to play it :-)

mightyboot3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

The scariest? that really depends on what you may think whats scary.

Zombies and Alien monsters are no longer scary for most people so i suposse that big mutaded unknown creatures with glowing red eyes (Regenerators or Nemesis from RE 3/4 for example) are the ones that really make me scared.


I have to agree with you there.

I love dead space, love it.. the first was great for a few jumpy moments but it was not till I had to face off against the regenerator that I can honestly say that got to me a bit.

what really did it was knowing that you could not kill him, no matter what you did. He was the embodyment of the classic horror movie freak that just never seemed to die no matter what you did.

big aliens and the rest, ya been seen before, been done before. The regenerator looked horrible and was horrible.

If I had unlimited ammo I would gladly spend all day shooting is legs off, shooting his head off.. watching them grow back again and then shooting them off all over again.

Darkfiber3741d ago

I'm not scared of monsters, I'm not 3 years old. No monster in any video game itself is every "scary", at least not to me. Real fear comes from the unknown. Seeing monsters is not scary if you know what they are, which we already do. If they really wanted to make this game scary, they wouldn't have made it a shooter. They would have taken out every weapon you have and left you alone in the dark, forcing you to crawl through the ducts in the dark, avoiding enemies that you can hear but not see.

Anderson83740d ago

i take it your a fan of amnesia dark decent then

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