Shoot To Kill

Motion control is a hot commodity for gamers right now, and gaming companies are jumping into the action with some great new accessories to make the motion control experience on Playstation Move that much more realistic.

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trains3742d ago

Shoot to thrill,
Play the kill,
Too many women with too many pills

JimmyJames703742d ago

I get the first two lines but that last one left me wondering.

Close_Second3742d ago

I'm afraid once you get use to the Move controller it provides a real advantage for FPS games. Not only is it more accurate (we're talking mouse like accuracy) but it allows for a improved speeds whilst turning.

fooltheman3742d ago

turning was a problem I thought...

Close_Second3742d ago

Been using it to play Modern Combat Domination and turning is not a problem at all. Honestly, it gives you the edge over those using normal controllers.

fooltheman3742d ago

I played the demo... but I think I need more practise lol

eterry3742d ago

maybe with a lot of practice. i play with move and i always do worse then when i just use the controller

fooltheman3742d ago

practise does the's a new way to play...

Daves3742d ago

I'm loving Modern Combat with the move, I'm quite used to the normal controller for FPS but quite enjoying the switch... seem to be doing a little better as well.