M2G Hands-on: Dead Space 2

M2G Writes:

In 2008 EA and Visceral Games released Dead Space in the midst of EA’s promotion of new IP’s on the market. The result was one of the best survival horror games to hit the gaming landscape. The game brought new gameplay elements such as “strategic dismemberment” and used horror conventions superbly to give the player the thrill of their lives.

With the sequel hitting store shelves this week we recently got hands-on with the final version of Dead Space

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deafwing3737d ago

I can't say ds set any standards writer; I mean don't get me wrong, I played that game till I was black and blue and enjoyed getting all trophies for it ... but I believe that it took everything all those other games did and push the envelope forward.

Omar913737d ago

great game i must say.

Off topic a little:

Does anyone know if you buy dead space 2 on amazon will you still receive dead space extraction?

HellzAssassin3737d ago


Dead Space Extraction comes with ALL PS3 versions of the game (None other)

The Dead Space Limited edition is the "default" edition for PS3 and is $60 just like any other game. After a certain point in time, The PS3 will get a "Regular Edition" and that will only have a demo for Extraction. But upon release, all PS3 owners are receiving Extraction with the purchase of DS2 on the disk itself.

Omar913736d ago

thank you kind sir. bubbles to you