HawkEye: Why an MGS HD remake could be the worst thing ever

CC: "HD remakes seem to be all the rage these days. After the initial uproar over the lack of backwards compatibility on non-60GB PS3 models (Smug Hi-5 for those still with 60GBs!), I suppose it’s better late than never; very slowly, you’re getting the chance to play some of those 20th Century classics that blew your young, innocent mind with blocky pixels and copious amounts of lens flare..."

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DigitalRaptor4267d ago

These things are not HD remakes.

They are HD "remasters"!

lil Titan4267d ago

always the negative with people i swear. Those people will always see the glass half empty smh

InactiveUser4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Dumb title. Writer must know nothing at all about the PS3 remasters of PS2 classics (and hopefully PS1; MGS1).

*Higher resolution - 720p 16x9 instead of 480i or 480p 4x3.. MGS being a PS1 game would probably be bumped up to 1080p.

*Better framerates - possibly 60fps if they originally ran at 30fps.. or at least they'll make sure it can hold a constant 30fps with no drops.


*All on 1 scratch resistant Blu-ray.

and no they don't look the same as the 60GB upscaling them. I saw that comment recently. They're natively better, not stretched to fit and blurry.

I hope they use the PS1 version's audio for Psycho Mantis, Vulcan Raven, Gray Fox (the Cyborg Ninja) among others and mix & match the best lines of the other characters. On PS1 the ones I listed are epic and stick in your head, but come off too normal and forgettable in Twin Snakes. MGS gameplay is great, but the voices and audio make it more memorable.

A good amount of the cutscenes are better in Twin Snakes, but there's also parts that are kinda corny.

Psycho Mantis sounds better in the PS1 version (Meryl also gets the Mantis voice for a bit in the PS1 version) and the flashes with that screeching sound are cool -
Twin Snakes:

Raven voice from tank scene (the echo / loudspeaker sound in the PS1 version of his voice sounds better in my opinion -
Twin Snakes: 1:20 then 7:00
Original: 6:00 then 8:30

Gray Fox (Cyborg Ninja) voice sounds better in the original also IMO -
Twin Snakes:

Ocelot and Liquid sound pretty similar in both. Some lines delivered slightly better in Twin Snakes, others slightly better in the PS1 version.

BattleAxe4267d ago

I would take a complete remake of MGS 1 with the MGS4 engine any day, but remastered MGS Essentials would be a day one purchase for me.

HolyOrangeCows4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

"HERP DERP. HD 'remakes' are all the rage these days.
Rations will be replaced with health regeneration.
Why post this on N4G will give me all the flamebaity hits I need!"

CobraKai4267d ago

What is the point he's trying to make? These remasterings are all about keeping the the core of the game the same but at the same time adding widescreen, 720p, 60fps (although MGS2 was already 60fps I believe), and digital sound.

I just hope that the remake for MGS1 is a clean version of the PS1 game and NOT TWIN SNAKES!! I just got worried after seeing that pic of twin snakes.

Anon19744267d ago

"After the initial uproar over the lack of backwards compatibility..."

That's funny. I don't seem to remember an uproar. I remember that gamers had a choice between buying PS2 compatible PS3's and ones that weren't - and they had that option for over a year. When new PS3's no longer had PS2 backwards compatibility, it's not like all the ones sold before stopped working, and we were given plenty of warning that it was going to happen. I remember at the time telling friends of mine "If you want PS2 BC, you'd better buy now." Some did, some didn't care, some just kept their old PS2's.

Claiming there was a backlash when they removed the PS2 BC from the PS3 is simply revisionist history. If you want to play PS2 games, they still sell PS2's, and used PS2's go for a song. Better buy then a Wii, in my opinion.

rockleex4266d ago

There WAS backlash... but it was only from the people who complained about the $600 price tag and said things like BC aren't needed and only add to the price.

Rage_S904267d ago

please don't give them hits

that is all

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Emmettcelticfan4267d ago

The way he puts it they are changing the gameplay all together, all thats being done is a little bit of a paint job and it being released all on one blu ray.I will be getting it on day one. if he wants to play the original metal gear solid go download it of the store and stop writing pointless articles


The title just proves how stupid this post is. It should be 'a' not 'an'.

kidnplay4267d ago

Say the title out loud and you'll find the natural pronoun of the proper noun 'MGS' is 'an'. This is because the sound of 'M' is (ehm), a vowellic sound, beginning with (eh). Before an 'e' sound, such as 'eh', you naturally say an so as not to conflict the vowel 'a' with the 'e' sound and to make spoken language more fluent.

You'd be correct to use 'a' with a hard 'M' sound, such as in 'magazine' (mah), but not with a vowellic 'ehm' sound of the standalone letter. Therefore, the writers use of 'an MGS HD remake' is correct.

'A' and 'an' use is determined by the spoken pronunciation and not by the written spelling. For example, you would say 'an hour', despite the fact 'H' in 'hour' is not a vowel. It is, though, a vowellic sound, hence the use of 'an' and not 'a'. The same principle works in the title of this submission.

Try not to jump to conclusions in future, particularly false ones that also serve to insult the writer or the submission. It'll just make you look childish.

sinncross4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

This proves how little you understand the use of indefinite articles.

The use of A/ AN goes beyond merely the next word starting with a consonant and vowel: it depends also on what sound the word starts off with.

For instance, you don't say AN European, because the opening sound is not a vowel, but a consonant.

The M in MGS is pronounced 'em' and therefore you use AN in front of it because the sound starts with a vowel.


wow you freaks on here really flip out over grammar, get yourself an ice cold one and chill.

kidnplay4267d ago

Usually I wouldn't pick someone up on a grammar mistake, but here CYBERSNAKE directly insulted the post and therefore the writer, with their insult based upon a false grammatical statement.

Therefore, I felt it necessary to make CYBERSNAKE aware that he was mistaken in his comment, and that he should not make comments that insult or degrade others when he doesn't know what he's talking about in the first place.

Does that make us 'freaks'? I'm sorry if you think it does. Everywhere else, it's known as sticking up for the correct thing and debunking slanderous statements.

mantisimo4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

I'd like either *A* MGS hd remaster or *AN* MGS hd remaster please.

(is it either or iether? Isn't it I before E except after C)

Oh this is too confusing I'm off to kiss my Gramma goodnight.


Alright I didn't mean to cause an uproar, you've proved me wrong and I accept my mistake. I didn't mean to insult the writer.
I just wana see MGS remade in HD so bad.

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04soldier4267d ago

Your post reminds me of a video I was watching the other day...

DA_SHREDDER4267d ago

I would totally prefer a ZOE HD remake.

saint_john_paul_ii4267d ago

ZOE HD Remaster would be sick, it would be perfect candidate for an HD Remaster, but com'n man, its the MGS Trilogy, in HD!

PhilipLarkin4267d ago

One report: "Yeah, you know what else could be the worst thing ever? Wasting seconds of my lie clicking that link. "

Didn't even read it. *sigh*.

MMFGaming4267d ago

I'm enjoying how the author of this article replied to that comment with:

"So you didn't even read the thing. You fucking idiot."

Nothing makes fans like insulting them for their criticism.

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