Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity now available in more European Countries

SCEE has announced that Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity on PS3 is now available in more European Countries incl. Germany. Sony offers also a 30 Days free Premium Service for new Subscribers.

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NoobSessions3733d ago

Does anyone know if Quriocity allows for music downloads? Because otherwise I dont see much point in buying it.

Sneak-Out3733d ago

This is a cloud-based Streaming Service ... no downloads!

NoobSessions3733d ago

Ah, lame. Id rather get a Zune pass.
Even if you dont have a zune, you can download ulimited songs onto your computer and keep 10 songs a month for $15 a month total.

kevco333733d ago

Yeah, Zune pass does seem the better option to me...

30sec3733d ago

LOL @ Zune pass. Keeping 10 DRM'd songs is the better option than streaming what you want, where you want?

NoobSessions3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

You can stream unlimited music with a Zune pass from any computer, Zune, WP7 Phone, or Xbox as well.

Blooper623733d ago

Actually 30sec most of the Zune marketplace is DRM Free. So learn what your talking about before you open your mouth. Even if it was all DRM music, you can still play the music anywhere anyway like NoobSessions said. Just have to have the right hardware

30sec3733d ago

Actually Blooper62, you have no choice in the matter. Some songs, depending on who has the rights have DRM, other do not. Manage what has DRM and what doesn't isn't something I'm interested in. You should know more of what you're talking about before you speak. Helps keep you from looking like a twat with 5 bubbles. "Just have to have the right hardware". Yeah, being locked to Windows, Win phone, Xbox and anything MS makes sounds like the best thing out there! /s

Blooper623732d ago

Ive been using the Zune Pass since it came out! I haven't ran into any songs that have DRM that you use your song credits on. Which I'm sure you have never used. And I meant the right hardware for subscription and streaming services. Which is more options the Qriocity or any other music service has. I'm sorry but you sound stupid. Yeah maybe not every song but 98% of 5 million is a hell of a lot of DRM free songs that are yours forever and play on anything. Zune is the only subscription service that gives you 10 free songs and has a device for whatever your needs are. Phone, portable device, xbox, pc. Doesnt get much more support than that plus streaming from and web browser that supports silverlight. Sorry but the Zune Pass is the best option for music lovers and no one has even come close.

30sec3732d ago

Sorry but getting 10 voucher codes for songs I can listen to for free on (from PC, PS3 or phone) will supplement all us who don't want to pay MS for XBL to then use your Zune pass on your 360.

Blooper623732d ago

Well good luck to you on listening to streaming music on your cell phone over lovely 3G thats so reliable and good luck if your away from Internet access. Also the Zune HD has a dock with optical audio out and HDMI out which sounds just as good as if you were playing it on your 360 :) or you can even stream it through your 360 for free through the Zune software. So good try 30 sec.

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ugo3733d ago

who knows that epic fail called "zune" that tried to copy apple

Sevir043733d ago

I'll just stick to Apple's Itunes it's simple and my IPod is always on me. sooooooo.

PickAShoe3733d ago

*cough!* torrent *cough!* tunebite *sniff...*